Five Great Beauty Tips

Here are a few tips I want to share with you all.

Many of you may have heard these tips before and some of you may not have. These are basic tips that I believe every female should know. They will help you in the long run. Majority of these I have tried and others I have not yet tried.
  1. To make your brows appear fuller use an eyelash primer to thicken the individual hairs. Comb through it and then brush on your brow shadow to get a bold look. 
  2. To create "perfect" waves in little to no time simply make four loose ponytails. One at the nap of the neck, two pigtails and one on the top of you head. Take a large barrel curling iron to curl each of the ponytails. After each ponytail is curled take hair down slowly and gently shake it out to get slight volume, but not too much to lose the curls.
  3. To speed up a blowout, apply leave in conditioner to freshly washed hair. Pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun and let it air dry to about 70-90%. When you take the ponytail or bun out the top of your hair will already be smooth so it will not take much to run the blow dryer through your hair.
  4. To keep your lips looking great, drink green tea with lemon to make them rosy and smooth. Why? The tea helps to rev up circulation and the lemon can be rubbed onto your lips for exfoliation.
  5. To give your skin a glow on little to no money, grind up oatmeal to create a customized mask. Add pureed cucumbers to calm sensitive skin. Add honey to hydrate dry skin. Add lemon for a cooling sensation. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water followed by cold water to close your pores.
These tips may seem crazy, but it's a proven fact. I personally have tried tips #1, 3 and 5. I plan to give #2 a go for work next week. I challenge you all to try out each tip and see what happens.

Comment below to let me know your thoughts.
Adapted from People Style Watch September 2012 issue.


  1. Great tips, I found you through the Kloud Nine COllective. Feel free to visit my blog anytime and maybe follow back if you like what you see ;-)

    kisses Keke (Pakize)


    1. Thanks, I'll head over now to your blog!


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