Freelance Kit Haul #1 & 2

Morning my loves,

Here is part 1 & 2 of a five part haul that I have which is surrounded around my freelance kit. These are a few palettes and items that I needed to really get back into my kit in order for me to start booking events and gigs in January.

First thing that I got this week was my new updated business cards that I ordered from VistaPrint.
Pretty excited about them as I love the design of the cards. I have them matte like I had before, but I think the next go round I'm going to do glossy cards. I think glossy cards look much more professional -- in my opinion.

Next, I got my three items in from Amazon last week. I only purchased three items because everything else was easy for me to purchase.
I included my business cards in this shot because they were delivered the same day. The three items I got are the following:
  • Color Wheel
  • Cinema Secrets Small Stainless Steel Palette
  • Luscious Lashes Full False Eyelashes - 70 pack (7 styles of lashes, 10 each)
The Color Wheel was needed for me to do more with looks and pair shades and tones together for looks on models, brides and so forth. The Cinema Secrets Palette was purchased so that I could stop using the back of my hand to mix things -- it's more sanitary to use a stainless steel palette to do all mixing of products. Lastly, the lashes I got from Bundle Monster (seller name) and it's a 70 pack. Inside the box are 7 styles of lashes ranging from dramatic to natural and 10 pairs of each style which means these will last me a while!


The second part to this post is what I actually got a few hours ago which is my first order from BH Cosmetics (made a second order which comes in on Thursday):
This order I ended up purchasing all of the Liquid Foundations they have along with three palettes. I purchased the foundations because I don't really have much in my kit any more because my old palette is starting to get that "beat up" look...I desperately needed more foundations and concealers for my kit.

There are ten liquid foundations in total and I will list them just as they are shown in the picture above:
  • Light Olive
  • Light Rose
  • Sand
  • Medium Olive 
  • Medium Rose
  • Golden Beige
  • Deep Beige
  • Hazelnut
  • Mocha
  • Deep Cocoa
I will have better pictures and possibly swatches for you all in another post to come.
The three palettes that I purchased are as follows:
  • 120 Palette - 4th Edition
  • 120 Palette - 5th Edition
  • 10 Camouflage Concealer Palette
I noticed the BH Cosmetics 10 Concealer Palette looks completely different from the Coastal Scents 10 Concealer Palette that I still have in my kit. The range of shades and undertones are completely different.

Overall, I'm pretty excited as my kit is going far -- I know you may be asking "why don't you buy high end makeup palettes?" The answer to that will be presented in another blog post my loves.

Today I do get my third package, while I'm at work, so I will have that haul post up for you all on Sunday and then my last two packages come in on Thursday (Jan 3) which means Friday (Jan 4) will be hauling day via blog post, so look out for that! Collective haul video will be done on Saturday or Sunday and uploaded on Monday (Jan 7).

Would you like a review on anything?

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