Unboxing | CoverGirl Blastflipstick

Hi my loves,

I was recently picked to do another BzzAgent review and I'm pretty excited about this one because I've been eyeing these for a while kept debating whether or not to spend the money or not. Now I don't have to! I was selected to do the CoverGirl Blast Flipstick campaign and I'm happy that I got selected to do so. It's just fun to do reviews and have something planned to write for you all.
I received my kit on Monday, November 26th. This is how the BzzKit came packaged. I love how the box wasn't the normal BzzAgent box. It came in a nice CoverGirl box with images of the Blast Flipsticks -- super cute. When I opened it up I found the BzzGuide, 3 Blast Flipsticks and an envelope full of $2 off coupons -- plan to do another giveaway soon I'm guessing!

The cover of the BzzGuide has Sofia Vergara on it -- she is just such a lovely lady! Love her as an actress and a "designer" now.
COVERGIRL blastflipstick
I received three full size tubes of the Blast Flipsticks in the following colors:


Favorites | Top 5 Body Lotions

Hola dolls!

Hope everyone is having a great day today! I want to share another couple of my favorites and this time they are body lotions! I stickler for having so many body creams/lotions to moisturize myself with and I can't help it. I decided to just pick out my top five and found a reoccurring theme -- Avon -- lol. When it comes to body and foot care, Avon has me hands down because their products definitely help my skin to maintain it's softness better than other brands.
If you haven't already checked out my top 5 body washes, go here to do so, but other than that let's just jump on into it already!

1) Avon Haiku Perfumed Skin Softener
I am so in love with this light airy perfumed skin softener! It's by far amazing. I have about 6 or 7 total in different scents, but Haiku has to be my favorite and number one choice for body lotions/moisturizers. It's a 5 fl oz minty green container that contains a scent that is, as Avon calls it, "cool, casual and free-spirited". It definitely makes me feel wonderful when I wear it. The scent is a soft floral evoking the serenity of a beautiful Japanese garden, blooming with jasmine, lilies and sparkling citrus. Can you say sexy, yet classy. I absolutely love this and I do plan to buy another one as well as the matching perfume and shower gel. I definitely recommend this too every single female out there and to any man looking for something nice for their women (mother, wife, girlfriend, best friend, sister, daughter, etc) -- it's the perfect gift in my opinion (if price doesn't matter, that is, to the recipient). Can be purchased here on Avon's website or your local Avon Rep.

2) Avon Skin So Soft Summersoft Soothing Lotion


Giveaway Update & Personal Update

Good morning my loves,

Today I want to share with you all two things -- beginning with the positive -- I finally get to work at the Chanel counter at work and I'm pretty excited. I'm working there Sunday and Monday and did a few hours there on last Tuesday so I'm pretty excited to try my hand at that counter. Due to my hard week of work this upcoming week I will try to post as much as possible if I can. Here's a quick look at what my schedule looked like for this week and next week:
Friday and Saturday are my only days off. I love what I do even though some days it can be crazy!

Okay now onto the the GIVEAWAY UPDATE:
I've been getting a ton of rude emails and comments from a few people (won't mention them), but I am a bit upset about it. I am no longer doing two winners and the prizes will be changed around a bit because of this. I still want to have a winner and still plan to do other giveaways, but as for my first giveaway -- I am a bit bother.

I thank all of those who entered my giveaway, you still have 6 days left to enter. If you want to enter go here to do so.

Thanks again and I'm sorry for this inconvenience.


Beauty Blogazons | Weekly Round Up - 11/23


Favorites | Top 5 Body Washes

Hello my loves!

Today I'll be sharing my top 5 body washes that I own. I use a variety of things and I have a huge toiletry collection, but I figured that I could show the top five for each. I wanted to start off with body washes because they are honestly my favorite when it comes to hygiene...besides moisturizers (which I'll discuss in a latter post).
I don't like to break bank on majority of my products only because my skin isn't that sensitive to scents and ingredients as other people so I always have a choice thankfully -- yay normal skin.

Any who, my top 5 can be found either at your local drugstore or at your nearest Avon representative (or Avon's website). While giving a brief description of each product, I'll also try to find a link for your convenience to purchase the items along with the price, so sit tight and enjoy my top 5 favorite body washes!
1) Tone Daily Detox Purifying White Clay & Pink Jasmine Body Wash
Not only can I detox from the inside, but I can detox from the outside too! This product was love at first sight when I spotted it at Kmart a month ago. The scent of pink jasmine is just so sensual and amazing. This body wash really washes away impurities. The white clay helps to remove the impurities, the vitamin E gives moisture and the pink jasmine just adds the perfect scent. What I also love is that it doesn't take forever to work into a nice later at all, which is less time trying to lather and more time cleaning. Can be purchased at Walgreens for $5 USD; click here.

2) Avon Skin So Soft Signature Silk Cream Oil Body Wash


Beauty Blogazons | Weekly Round Up - 11/16


Beauty Blogazons | Weekly Round Up - 11/3


Yes To Cucumbers...Soothing Eye Gel

Hello divas!

Today's post is on skincare -- I will have a full skincare regimen on my blog soon -- mostly focusing on the eye area. I ran out of eye cream about 2-3 months ago and I finally decided to get my hands on a new one. I was looking around for an eye cream that wasn't too expensive, but also gave me a good amount of product to "match" the price. First off, why do eye creams have to be so expensive? About $20+ for a tube or container that is half an ounce.

I know that I am only 21 years, but I believe (and many other pro & freelance MUA's agree) that using an eye cream helps to prevent wrinkles, dryness and help to remove dark circles. My use of an eye cream is mostly preventative rather than repair. I have come accustomed to using an eye cream every morning and night as apart of my skincare routine. Without an eye cream I felt useless and completely slacked on my skincare regimen -- heavily! 
Any how, as I strolled along the aisle in Walgreens a week ago I came across a brand called "Yes To..." and was intrigued at the amount of products in the line, the variety and the prices! There were two eye creams available from this brand in my Walgreens; Yes To Cucumbers which was about $16 and Yes to Blueberries which was about $19. Off course I went with the Yes To Cucumbers!


My Skin Care Regimen | Night Routine

Hello my loves,

As you all know, I recently posted my skin care routine for the morning (read here) and now here's my night routine.

My morning routine takes about 15-30 mins to get through, whereas my night routine takes me about 45 mins to 1 hr and 45 mins to go through depending on what treatments I'm doing. The reason why: my night time routine is more involved than my day time routine because I feel that treatments can penetrate more and do what they are made to do at their fullest capacity. Another reason is because I've been out so having dirt, debris and makeup is just not my cup of tea when preparing for bed.

Let's hop into it!


My Skin Care Regimen | Morning Routine

Hello my loves,

How are you all doing! Today's post is going to be on my personal skin care regimen. I did a post a couple weeks back on building your own personal skin care regimen (here)...I figured I could share mine with you all.

Keep in mind, my day time routine isn't that involved as my night time routine which will be explained in the the night routine post.

Let's hop into it!


Très Beau Glamour First Giveaway!

Hi my loves!!!

Today is the day of my first ever giveaway!!! *party streamers* I'm pretty excited to be doing this first giveaway which will have two winners. I have finally reached more than 110 readers and I'm thankful for all my readers -- especially the active ones.

Giveaway is open from November 1st, 2012 to November 30th, 2012, 11:59pm EST

Here's the basic info/rules about this giveaway:
  • must be a reader of my blog.
  • must 18 years or older.
  • must live in the US.
  • winners will be chosen at random on December 1st.
  • winners will be notified on December 2nd.
  • winners have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen at random.
Now that I have the basics covered -- let's get into the prizes shall we:

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