Giveaway Update & Personal Update

Good morning my loves,

Today I want to share with you all two things -- beginning with the positive -- I finally get to work at the Chanel counter at work and I'm pretty excited. I'm working there Sunday and Monday and did a few hours there on last Tuesday so I'm pretty excited to try my hand at that counter. Due to my hard week of work this upcoming week I will try to post as much as possible if I can. Here's a quick look at what my schedule looked like for this week and next week:
Friday and Saturday are my only days off. I love what I do even though some days it can be crazy!

Okay now onto the the GIVEAWAY UPDATE:
I've been getting a ton of rude emails and comments from a few people (won't mention them), but I am a bit upset about it. I am no longer doing two winners and the prizes will be changed around a bit because of this. I still want to have a winner and still plan to do other giveaways, but as for my first giveaway -- I am a bit bother.

I thank all of those who entered my giveaway, you still have 6 days left to enter. If you want to enter go here to do so.

Thanks again and I'm sorry for this inconvenience.


  1. great blog

  2. Hi,

    i found your blog from the i love my online friends blog hop and i am liking your blog! keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks!! I'll hop over to your blog now.


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