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Hi my loves,

I was recently picked to do another BzzAgent review and I'm pretty excited about this one because I've been eyeing these for a while kept debating whether or not to spend the money or not. Now I don't have to! I was selected to do the CoverGirl Blast Flipstick campaign and I'm happy that I got selected to do so. It's just fun to do reviews and have something planned to write for you all.
I received my kit on Monday, November 26th. This is how the BzzKit came packaged. I love how the box wasn't the normal BzzAgent box. It came in a nice CoverGirl box with images of the Blast Flipsticks -- super cute. When I opened it up I found the BzzGuide, 3 Blast Flipsticks and an envelope full of $2 off coupons -- plan to do another giveaway soon I'm guessing!

The cover of the BzzGuide has Sofia Vergara on it -- she is just such a lovely lady! Love her as an actress and a "designer" now.
COVERGIRL blastflipstick
I received three full size tubes of the Blast Flipsticks in the following colors:
  • Minx. deep brown and gold
  • Stunner. bright pink and gold
  • Vixen. burgundy and pearl pink
I'm excited to play around with these and try to recreate the lip looks they have done. I have swatched them already and they apply smoothly onto my hand and are creamy. I will do a lip swatch video and post to show you how it applies and looks on me. Hand and lip swatches can look totally different!
There are a total of 13 Blast Flipsticks. There are 10 more out there and if I like these, I will be going to purchase the other 10 for a full review and video on the collection.

As a brief unboxing post, I will end here. I will update you all around mid December -- hopefully prior to New Years Eve -- with a full review and swatch video. Warning: it will be photo heavy!

Hope you all are looking forward to the review as I am. I plan to start using these next week. To stay up to date with lip looks follow me on Instagram @naydenise_xo for images.

I did receive these products in from BzzAgent to review and use thoroughly. I am not sponsored by BzzAgent or CoverGirl whatsoever. All products will be reviewed for more than 2 weeks and given a full, honest review.


  1. Very interesting product! I hope it would reach our shores soon! :D

  2. Beautiful colors! Can't wait to see the looks you create with them.


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