Tech Review | Aulker S330 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headset

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Today's post is another headphones review. Yes I've become recently obsessed with headphones. I always need to keep several backups since my son tends to always break a pair. I've recently been more excited about using wireless bluetooth headphones since I don't have to worry about a wire.
The headphones I'm referring to are the Aulker S330 Sport Wireless Headset. I've used these headphones for about 2 weeks and I've been loving them. They feel amazing in my ears, love the pop of yellow and I love the sound. I've worn these while working out, doing chores and in the rain without any problem whatsoever.

Basic Info & Specs
Price: $18.99 USD
Weight: 0.64 ounces
Size: 23.6 inches, 1.57 inches, 1.18 inches (LWH)
Cable length: 23.6 inches
• Aulker Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headset x 1
• Additional Ear Hook x 6
• Additional Ear Cap x 2
• USB Charge Cable x 1
• User Manual x 1
• Bluetooth Version: 4.1
• Bluetooth Range: Up to 33FT / 10 Meters
• Chipset: CSR8635
• Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
• Battery Capacity: 75 mAh 5V
• Max Music Play Time: 5 - 6 hour
• Max Calling Time: 5.5 - 7 hour
• Charge Time: 2 Hour
• Noise Cancelling: Yes
• Built-In Microphone: Yes
• Noise Reduction: DSP and CVC 6.0
Quick Info:
Want a Quality, Heavy Bass, Comfortable, Secure Fit Wireless Sport Headset So You Can Enjoy Your Music Anywhere? Done with Muffled, Low Quality Cheap Headset?...Get the Real Thing Here! Top class CSR8635 chip will bring you crystal clear sound quality and outstanding enhanced bass.  
Comfortable Secure Fit Ergonomic Design Make It Perfect for All Kind of Sports. At the gym, on the beach, work out, running, boxing, enjoy your favorite beats everywhere!  
Changeable Ear Hooks and Ear Caps to Perfectly Fit Your Ear  
Super Easy to Pair, Compatible with 99% Bluetooth Devices, iPhone, Android, and Windows Smart Phone.  
130 Hour Standby Time, 5 Hour Music Play, 5.5 Hour Calling 75mAh Rechargeable Battery with 2 hour Charging Time  
Noise Cancelling Built-In Mic for Hands-Free Calling with Great Sound.  
Look Great and Feel Great with Dynamic Design. 

My Thoughts
These are probably one of my favorite pairs of headphones. They feel so comfortable in my ear, no irritation or issues -- sometimes I forget they are on. The sound quality is absolutely amazing. I love how clear it is and how I don't get distracted when I have them in my ear by other sounds. They are absolutely adorable. The pop of yellow just brings me joy. I love that I can take these out with me when it's raining and not have to worry about damage to the earphones. I enjoy that I can do house work without having my phone in my hand or falling into things while I'm cleaning. The talk and music play time is pretty awesome. As for charging, I find that they charge within an hour. The mircrophone is pretty great as well. Everything about these headphones make me happy and I'm glad I was able to try them out and share them with you all.
FTC Disclosure
This is a sponsored post. I received this product for review by the company through Tomoson. I am not being paid. Everything written is my honest thoughts and opinions.


Review | Gear Ultimate Moscow Mule Pure Copper Mug

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Today's post is a review on an awesome mug I just found out about and couldn't be anymore happy about discovering it. As a mild drinker and a lover of cold drinks such as tea, lemonades and sometimes iced coffee I have been on a hunt to find a way to keep them lasting cold longer. I don't always drink my cold drinks quick enough and when I do get to drinking them they aren't as cold as they were when I first fixed them. Thanks to this new discovery, I no longer have to deal with this issue.
The Moscow Mule Pure Copper Mug from Gear Ultimate is simply amazing! It's a 100% pure copper mug hat keeps all my drinks cold longer than ever and looks amazing!

Basic Specs
Price $16.99 USD
Weight: 4.3 ounces
Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.1 x 3.5 inches

Why Copper?


Review | L'Reve 24K 60 Second Instant Facial Lift Serum

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be yet another glorious skincare review. This is on a new product and company for myself. I have never heard of L'Reve Cosmetics so when the opportunity was presented for me to try out a product from them I jumped on the wagon to do so. L'Reve Cosmetics is a Miami based ultra-premium skin care retailer serving discerning consumers worldwide. They specialize in and offer one of the most complete lines of guaranteed effective, luxury skin care products designed to help keep your skin looking healthy and youthful for many years to come.
The product I received is their 60 Second Instant Facial Lift Serum. It retails for $29.95 USD and you get 0.5 fl oz of product in a gorgeous silver and pearl colored thick plastic container. There is a pump that comes covered so there's no accidents. I love the pump! Not only is it flush with the container, but it does not pump alot of product out. Literally, a pea size amount which works great for me.

L'Reve Says


Review | Valentia Fresh Mist Calming Toner

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a review on the Fresh Mist Calming Toner from Valentia Skin Care. You all know how obsessed I am with their skin care products. Not only are their products affordable, but they have that luxurious feel as well.

Their toner retails for $20 USD and you get 4 fl oz of product in an amber colored plastic bottle with a black spray. This should last about 4-6 months according to their website, but I do about 3-4 sprays depending on how I feel that day so I'd say for me it may last 2-3 months.

I've been using this product for two weeks now. I did receive this product for free courtesy of the company, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Valentia Says
This skin calming toner is the essential step after cleansing and before moisturizing in order to clean pores, balance facial pH, and rid skin of any remaining dirt or makeup. Nano Structured Water enriched with Magnesium, and Vitamin C in this toner dissolves away facial impurities and refreshes stressed out feeling skin. Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil keep skin clear of unsightly blemishes to minimize pores, for an all over clear complexion. This toning elixir is the perfect addition to freshen up any skin care routine.

Review | Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be a skin care review on an awesome and interesting serum. As you all know, I've been reviewing a ton of Valentia Skin Care products and today's post in no different.

Valentia is a company that is cruelty free, vegan friendly, uses 98% natural ingredients, made in the US and uses sustainable energy. The company sent over the Night Revive Retinol Serum and I can't explain the excitement. I was definitely on the hunt for a new moisturizer since I had just ran out of my old moisturizer.
For $35 USD you get 1.18 fl oz of product in an amber colored glass with a dropper. As usual the label is simple and elegant -- white with gold foiling and black wording. The serum is a white with a bit of an iridescence to it. The serum smells absolutely lovely citrus smell which is pleasant to my nose. The consistency is very liquidity, but not as fluid as water which I appreciate because it won't get too messy.

I've had this product for a month and have been using it twice a week and sometimes three times a week.

Valentia Says


Tech Review | Jastek 5 in 1 Cable

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Today's post is another tech review and this one is even more useful then the other two reviews I posted. This is a product that can be used every single day; especially for emergencies.
I received the Jastek 5 in 1 Cable for free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I have been using this cable for the last 2 weeks and it does wonders at charging various types of devices.

Basic Info & Specs
Price: $9.99
Weight: 0.8oz
Size: 7.2 x 3 x 0.6 inches
Quick Info:
Universal use multi charging 6 in 1 cables; 

Compatible with all the following: 
1. For apple 5/6series; 
2. Mini USB supported Devices as digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives,etc. 
3. Micro USB supported Devices as most smartphones,etc. 
4. New USB Type C 3.1 port supported devices. 
My Thoughts
I've been looking for a USB C charger for a while since my fiance has a new phone with only the usb c insert. Thanks to this 5 in 1 cable I can now charge my phone, my fiance's, my brothers iPhone and other phones with ease. I've used this to charge portable batteries, bluetooth speakers and headphones. It works amazingly well. Love that it comes with a clip too! Great for on the go and to keep inside of my purse.

If this seems like a useful product, grab yourself one over on Amazon. It's a definite bag essential.


Tech Review | Marsee Zero X Bluetooth Speaker

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Today's post is the second tech review and I'm glad to be getting these on a roll. This next review is on the Marsee Zero X Bluetooth Speaker.
I have never owned a portable bluetooth speaker before, but I've always wanted one. I was excited when this came in the mail! I did receive this speaker at a discounted price, but all thoughts are my own.

Basic Info & Specs

Tech Review | Oasis Beats Bluetooth Headphones

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be the first in a new "series" I'm starting in which I review various tech items for the phones, laptops and more. I definitely want to diversify my blog and youtube channel every now and then.
This first tech review is going to be on the Oasis Beats Bluetooth Headphones that I received at a discounted price. I've been using these headphones now for about 2 weeks and I'm in love with them!

Basic Info & Specs


Review | Buena Skin 100% Pure Shea Butter

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be a review on Buena Skin's 100% Pure Shea Butter. A great product that's great for skin, hair and nails.
I've been enjoying this product for the past week and few days. I normally stay away from Shea Butter because they tend to be overly greasy for me. However, this shea butter is amazing! First off, this product shipped with great packaging. The product itself is hard and grainy, but I found that warming it under hot water for a few mins helped to loosen it up. After I was able to loosen up the shea butter I grabbed a bit of it and warmed it in my hands. It melted within minutes and hydrated my hands. It does feel greasy, but it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. The smell is similar to that of play-doh, but not too strong.

I really love this product. I've used on my skin after a shower, on my hair, on my son's hair and on my cuticles. Such a great product. Highly recommend it!

If you're interested in trying this product go grab you one from their Amazon page. You won't regret it!
FTC Disclaimer
I received this product at a discounted price, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

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