Empties #1 | Products I've Used Up

Here it is, my first ever empties post and video. I've wanted to do one for a while, but I never really got around to saving up my products. I can't speak for others but I know that it's very easy for me to buy a ton of products, but a lot of them just lie around unused and unloved simply collecting dust till they inevitably expire.

Since I've been doing No Buy November and now Project Pan this will encourage me to use more of what I have, also when I've used up the product fully I can properly decide whether or not I'll repurchase it.

I will say: it has taken me about three to four months to accumulate this amount of products to show you all. Ever since being pregnant I have not been going anywhere but to the doctors or wearing makeup at all. I'm slowly getting back into doing my makeup on an every day basis though.

So without further or do...here are my empties! I will also mention if I would repurchase the product or not.

Below I've listed each product mentioned in the video. I will also try to organize these videos and posts a bit better as well.

Review | Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms

When it comes to lipsticks, glosses and foundations, Revlon takes the top 3 in the drugstore. From their Super Lustrous lipsticks to their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains -- Revlon lip products are outstanding in my book. Revlon has "recently" come out with 20 new lip products called Revlon ColorBurst Matte & Lacquer Balms. Ten are matte balms and ten are lacquer balms. I'm more a matte and cream lipstick kind of girl so I opted for the matte balms. These are a great alternative to the L'Oreal Le Matte and La Lacque balms which were limited edition -- sadly I missed those. If you are familiar with or like(d) the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, you will most likely -- hopefully -- fall in love with these.

This review is specifically on the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms.

I tried searching Revlon's website for information on the new Matte balms, but I could not find any information. However, I did find the following statement from various websites such as Ulta and Target, "Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm offers velvety color with balm-like moisture. Infused with a Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter. This retractable chubby crayon requires no sharpener." Reading that statement made me jump for joy! The Triple Butter Complex definitely ensures some good moisture for the lips. Keep in mind, in the statement, they do not say that these are a stain -- merely a "velvety color with balm-like moisture." Please keep that in mind before comparing them to the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Those are two different lines from Revlon.
Now these Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms range anywhere from %6.49 to $9.99 USD depending on which drugstore you go to. Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart and Target -- possibly Kmart -- have said to be the cheapest places. I purchased mine for $9.99 USD BOGO (buy one get one half off) at my local CVS. As stated before, I am a matte and cream lipstick kind of girl. I didn't purchase the Lacquer Balms because they are said to have glitter in them and I don't like glitter or shimmer in my lipsticks...however, I do want to get my hands on Demure, Whimsical, Provocateur, Coy and Ingenue just to try them out anyway. I did purchase a total of five matte balms in the shades: Elusive, Unapologetic, Shameless, Showy and Sultry. I do want to purchase two more shades in Standout and Complex as well.

On to picture swatches!

Lip Swatches


Holiday Look #3 | Cat Eye & Vampy Lip

And we're off with Holiday Look #3 for my Holiday Makeup Series. This originally started out as being a basic cat eye and a vampy lip, but then I opted to add a bit of color to it. I figured why not add a gorgeous light rose gold shade to the lid just to give it an overall seamless flow.

This look is great for work, a date night, clubbing or family event. Of course if wearing this to work you can always ton down the lip color by dabbing on the purple or using a liner, but overall this look is great for just about anything. This is personally going to be my Holiday Look for Christmas and New Years because it's simple, quick and speaks volumes without being over the top.
I'm absolutely in love with this Revlon Matte Balm for so many reasons. It definitely compliments the makeup look and keeps the focus on the lips. Such a gorgeous color!

All the products I used for this look are listed below. I did use my Brow palette from Milani as eyeshadows for this look, so always remember...your makeup products can always double or triple up for various makeup looks.


Holiday Look #2: Gold Eye + Red Lip

Back this week for Holiday Look #2!

This week I wanted to do something classic that anyone can wear for any occasion. A gold eye and red lip! It's a look that is easy to duplicate and quick to throw together. A gold eye makes the face illuminate and gives your eyes a beautiful glow. A red lip is just a staple, especially during the Holidays, don't you think?!
I wanted this look to be easy for any makeup lover, whether beginner or experienced. It could take anywhere from 5-25 minutes to do this complete look depending on your time allotted for makeup application.

Just because I did a glossy red lip for this look does not mean your lip has to be glossy. If you want, do a matte red lip or just ski the gloss and go for a basic creamy red look. Either way a red lip is fierce and would complete the look. For those not too fond of red go ahead and try a pink or stick to a basic nude lip if need be. The choice is always yours!

Top 5 | Fall & Winter Fragrances

Winter in nearing us with only two weeks left of fall and I decided to share my top 5 fall and winter fragrances. These are

Fragrances listed in order:
Excell Brands Snazzy Woman
  • Impression for Snooki by Nicole Polizzi
  • Size: 3.4 fl oz
  • Scent: fruity
  • Top Notes: lychee, quince flower and kiwi
  • Middle Notes: pink cupcake, white jasmine and beach flower
  • Base Notes: seaside driftwood and sugared musk
Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose


Perfume Collection

Below I have listed all the fragrances (as shown) along with sizes, notes and pricing:

Avon Naturals Body Spray in Aqua Rush 
Size: 8.4 fl oz
Price: $9 USD
Scent: fresh
Notes: lime, water mint and marrine accord

Avon Rare Pearls 
Size: 1.7 fl oz
Price: $23 USD
Scent: floral & feminine
Notes: magnolia and plum

Avon Secrets To Keep 
Eau de Toilette
Size: 1.7 fl oz
Price: $16.50 USD
Scent: fruity & floral
Notes: apples, strawberries, jasmine, white musk & warm sandalwood

Lancome Tresor In Love
Size: 2.5 fl oz
Price: $75 USD
Scent: fruity & floral
Top Notes: nectarine accord, pear, bergamot
Middle Notes: turkish rose essence, jasmine
Base Notes: cedarwood, musk

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose


Holiday Look #1: Gunmetal Smoky Eye + 4 Lip Combinations

The holidays have arrived!

As the year comes to an end, we slowly approach Christmas and New Years Eve. The two holidays when people dress up, go out, party and even drink up (if their over 18 of course). Since we are but a few days from each, I figured why not create a few holiday makeup tutorials that would be great to wear for any occasion or event.
This first look is a Gunmetal smoky eye. It's not too dark or too light of a gunmetal eye, so it will soften any outfit you wear. It may even make your face glow depending on which lip color, blush and foundation you use. Being that Urban Decay has come out with the Naked 3 Palette (still debating on if I want to get it) I decided to get some use of out of my Naked Palette and play around with a few shades. I love the combination and how the colors truly work together to create such a playful, yet sexy eye look.

This look is for those that want to go smoky without having to go dark or vampy on the eyes. It's all about keeping the eyes sexy without going overboard while still giving it an elegant twist no matter what your outfit of choice is.

I did original create this look weeks ago, but wanted to record it and come up with 4 total lip combinations or looks. Here is the original look:
Now that you have seen the original look, check below to see the other 3 lip combinations that would go great with this look.


November '13 Monthly Favorites

It's that time when everyone starts to share their November favorites. Yes, yes -- it's the first of December and November has gone. This is the last month of 2013...can you believe it?! I'm extremely excited!

I have not been too active with sharing my monthly favorites because I was solely sticking to makeup products. I decided to include hair, body and skincare products into my favorites just to keep consistent in doing my monthly posts.

This month I have a good variety of products to show you all ranging from body care, skincare and makeup.

These are my November favorites -

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