Laila London Nourishing Day Facial Oil {Review}

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a review on a pretty awesome facial oil. I have always wanted to get into using oils on my face after having worked for multiple makeup counters, but I never got around to buying one. Thankfully, an opportunity was open for me to try out a facial oil from a wonderful company called Laila London. They were kind enough to send me this product at a discounted price, so I definitely want to say thank you to them for that.

Just to give you some background on the company, Laila London is located in London. They do not use Patroleum, parabens, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), mineral oils, artificial perfumes or colour additives. They do not test on animals either. They use recyclable and biodegradable packaging from sustainably managed sources.

The Laila London promise is as follows:
To ensure freshness and quality all our raw materials are sourced in small quantities and our products are hand measured, mixed and poured in small batches. In each of our products we blend botanical extracts and pure essential oils in formulas carefully developed for maximum effectiveness.
I received their Nourishing Day Facial Oil and I have had the opportunity to use it for two weeks straight both on it's own as a moisturizer and with my actual moisturizer so I'll give you my thoughts on both ways I've used them.
This product retails for $19.95 USD and comes in a 1oz glass bottle with a dropper. The packaging is pretty nice and sleek. It has a gold top with a white suction bulb. The label is very simple which means it will look lovely on any setting whether on your desk, by bed on a table or in your bathroom. The smell of this oil gives off lavender, chamomile and jojoba oil. It doesn't smell bad at all, just a scent from the natural and organic ingredients used to make the oil.



Skincare | Fitnate Sonic Vibration Facial Brush

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be a review on the Fitnate Sonic Vibration facial brush. I was sent this product for review and I was highly excited to use it. I've always wanted a facial brush, but I don't need one. However, I've finally got one!
Some people wonder why women (and some men) use a facial brush over their hands and here's why. An sonic facial brush takes off makeup residuals, deeply remove dirt ,oil and impurities in your facial pores and no damage to your skin, cleans 10 times better than your hands alone.


Miserwe 16 LED Light Vanity {Review}

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a quick review on the Miserwe 16 LED light vanity mirror. I've always been on the hunt for a good vanity mirror that had lights on it, but didn't cost a fortune. Luckily I came across this brand and was excited to get my hands on it. They were even kind enough to send it to me at a discounted price which I truly appreciate.
Let's get into some specs of this beautiful mirror....

It's a vanity mirror that comes in a sort of off-white color and has a handy little tray that's perfect for holding tops, bobby pins, q-tips and other small items. It rotates 180 degrees which is always useful. It comes with a small magnifying mirror that suctions to the vanity mirror for a closer look when applying makeup or doing a facial. It has 16 LED lights which turn by a smart touch switch on the front of the mirror. The LED lights can be bright or even dimmed down by holding the smart switch button. On the back on the mirror there is an on and off switch so that you don't have to worry about killing the lights when you turn them off since it is touch sensitive. This vanity mirror runs on 4 AA batteries which is awesome so it can move where you need it to. It retails for $15.99 USD which I think is not only reasonable, but absolutely affordable price.

My thoughts on this mirror...

I love it! The LED lights are perfect for days when it's cloudy outside or when you don't have enough lighting around you. The mirror itself is the perfect size to handle. It's light enough that I can hold it in my hand or move around quickly without much effort. The off-white color looks really pretty as well. Totally recommend this beauty!

If you click this link, you can see that it's a best seller on Amazon. It's the 6th vanity mirror on the list.

If you're interested in this mirror, purchase your own. You won't regret it!


Cute & Young Bath Bombs {Review}

Hello my loves!

It's been a minute since I made a post, but today I'm coming on here to share a review on a great product. I am a huge fan of pamper nights in which I have a at home spa routine at least once a week (though I've slacked on it lately). I think all women should have at least once night a week in which they take time to pamper themselves be it with a manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, facials or even a delicious bath -- yes I said delicious.

I love a good warm bath whether with bubbles or without, but what I love the most in my baths...BATH BOMBS!

Yes, I'm a lover of bath bombs. I know many are all about LUSH bath bombs (which I have yet to try), but I've only ever tried a few from Wilma's Handmade and from Me Bath.

However, recently I was able to try out a new brand that I'm obsessing over. The brand is called Cute & Young Bath Bombs and they are absolutely phenomenal.


Golden Olive Halo Makeup Tutorial

Hello my loves!

Today's post is all about my newest makeup tutorial! I did a look a few weeks ago using some of my Inglot eyeshadows and my Mac lipstick in Heroine. I was going for a golden olive halo look and I absolutely love the way it came out!
This is a look I wore to a job interview for a beauty consultant position. I think this look could work for any time of day and/or occasion. I love it paired with a bright, bold purple lip, but I did switch to more nude shade during the evening. Check out the tutorial down below...

Check out all the products I used listed down below with extra photos of the look...


Hello 2017

Hello my loves!

With only 6 hours left in the year, I am happy, excited and nervous. This year has gone by so quickly and a lot of good things have happened this year. 2016 for me was pretty great, but I'm looking forward to 2017. I feel like 2017 will be a much better year for me personally because I'll be working on a lot of things for myself. I don't really plan to have any resolutions this year, but rather a few goals and ideas that I want to accomplish in 2017.

In 2016 my son turned 2 years, my family and I moved to a better house in a better location, my brother went on tour to Africa and Italy, my other younger brother has been acing his classes and my baby sister has joined the National Honor Roll. Now, there hasn't been much for myself as I still haven't found a job, but I've been working hard as a stay-at-home mom (being a mother isn't necessarily a job, but mothers do work hard 24/7 with no breaks and no pay. I now know how my mother feels).

I'm looking forward for 2017. I want to work on myself spiritually, physically and emotionally this coming year. I want to do more things such as go out (when the weather is better) instead of being a homebody. I want to cook and bake more than usual. I want to continue looking for a job whether it's in the beauty industry or going back to working behind a desk. I want to get fit and gain weight (yes, there are people in the world who want to gain weight). I want to work on my freelance makeup artistry business and find something new to do business wise. I want to really get into wedding planning (that's a whole story in itself). I want to get closer to God. I want to work on my blog and YouTube channels.

2017 seems to have so much promise for me and I am excited. My son will be turning 3 in Feb. My bae and I will be going on 5 years together. I'll be turning 26 years old. Just a lot of great things.

I'm currently hanging with my bae and our son. I normally go to church with my family, but this year I'll be with my loves watching movies to bring the new year in. I did, however, get my hair done yesterday and it was a change. I got a cut, highlights and red rinse. It's a new look, shorter hair, but I am truly obsessing over it.

2016 goodbye. 2017 hello!!


Studio Gear Cosmetics Prime Objective Face Primer Review

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be a review on an awesome product by a company that is absolutely new to me. I was given the opportunity to try out a new face primer. Now, I'm not huge on primers for myself, but I do normally stick to my favorite 2-3 primers. However, this new primer has changed my love and made a home in my heart.

The primer I am talking about is the Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Face Primer by Studio Gear Cosmetics. If you have never heard of Studio Gear Cosmetics I will give you a bit of information about them.

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