FUNERICA Cash Register Toy {Review}

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a quick review of the FUNERICA Cash Register Toy that I received for review. This toy is a cash register that comes with play money, debit card, water bottle, scanners and a mic. This toy is perfect for child imagination play around the house.
Educational toys don't have to be boring! With this toy set you can teach your kids about the importance of counting, paying for groceries in the supermarket and how to identify food. Encourage your children to shop, count, identify colors and numbers through different types of fun play modes.

My son adores playing with this toy and scanning all his toys for a price. He counts the numbers as he pushes the buttons, organizes his money by the number on them and he enjoys the mic. He has a cash register in school and they use it to pretend they have different types of stores. My son plays with this thing every day since I've gotten it over these past 2 weeks.

Here are 6 reasons why this educative pretend play toy is a keeper:
  1. Profound imaginative play!
  2. Improve basic math skills.
  3. Learn through games!
  4. Ameliorate critical thinking.
  5. Develop fine motor skills.
  6. Endless pretend supermarket play. 
Highly recommend this toy to reinforce math and numbers to your child and it's perfect to play with alongside your child.

Grab your child a cash register and make your own store at home: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3HXZW9
* This post is sponsored.


Blason Louis | French Wine Tasting At Home

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a bit of a different one. I'll be talking about wine today. Yes, I did say wine!
I have the courtesy of being a brand ambassador for Blason Louis and their new wine subscription service and I'm excited to share it with you all. I've gotten my first box and tried the wines out so I can share my thoughts.

What Is Blason Louis?


Skincare | Fitnate Sonic Vibration Facial Brush

Hello my loves!

Today's post is going to be a review on the Fitnate Sonic Vibration facial brush. I was sent this product for review and I was highly excited to use it. I've always wanted a facial brush, but I don't need one. However, I've finally got one!
Some people wonder why women (and some men) use a facial brush over their hands and here's why. An sonic facial brush takes off makeup residuals, deeply remove dirt ,oil and impurities in your facial pores and no damage to your skin, cleans 10 times better than your hands alone.


Ancord Portable FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker {Review}

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a quick review on the Ancord S7 portable FM radio bluetooth speaker. I got the army green color. The speaker is very portable with it's perfect square size. The speakers are loud to where I can hear it throughout the house when it's own it's loudest volume. The FM radio station is pretty cool, but I didn't hear many options when I flipped through the station. Bluetooth mode for me was a bit much because it would take time to connect and sometimes the connection would pause. However, when using the AUX cord the sound and playtime is seamless.
This speaker is perfect for personal use or for a picnic with significant other. I enjoyed this speaker, but gifted it to my mother because she fell in love with it when it arrived. I think it's a great gift and it comes with a handy loop that can be held in your hand or secured to a bag.

Want a speaker of your own? Buy it here on Amazon and pick your color of choice: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F4PZ898
I received this product at a discounted price for review.


Miserwe 16 LED Light Vanity {Review}

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a quick review on the Miserwe 16 LED light vanity mirror. I've always been on the hunt for a good vanity mirror that had lights on it, but didn't cost a fortune. Luckily I came across this brand and was excited to get my hands on it. They were even kind enough to send it to me at a discounted price which I truly appreciate.
Let's get into some specs of this beautiful mirror....

It's a vanity mirror that comes in a sort of off-white color and has a handy little tray that's perfect for holding tops, bobby pins, q-tips and other small items. It rotates 180 degrees which is always useful. It comes with a small magnifying mirror that suctions to the vanity mirror for a closer look when applying makeup or doing a facial. It has 16 LED lights which turn by a smart touch switch on the front of the mirror. The LED lights can be bright or even dimmed down by holding the smart switch button. On the back on the mirror there is an on and off switch so that you don't have to worry about killing the lights when you turn them off since it is touch sensitive. This vanity mirror runs on 4 AA batteries which is awesome so it can move where you need it to. It retails for $15.99 USD which I think is not only reasonable, but absolutely affordable price.

My thoughts on this mirror...

I love it! The LED lights are perfect for days when it's cloudy outside or when you don't have enough lighting around you. The mirror itself is the perfect size to handle. It's light enough that I can hold it in my hand or move around quickly without much effort. The off-white color looks really pretty as well. Totally recommend this beauty!

If you click this link, you can see that it's a best seller on Amazon. It's the 6th vanity mirror on the list.

If you're interested in this mirror, purchase your own. You won't regret it!


Oosilk Silk Eye Mask {Review}

Hello my loves!

I want to share with you all a fantastic item from an awesome company called Oosilk. I was fortunate enough to receive one of their products for review and have been enjoying the item ever since.
They were founded in 2012. They provide the greatest quality silk bedding products worldwide, including silk pillowcases, silk sheets, silk duvets, silk sleep masks, silk sleepwear, etc. They only use the best 100% Grade A long fibre mulberry silk to make their products, in order to satisfy customers to the largest extent. They have a team specialized in designing and researching US and Europe market all the time. From silkworm breeding to silk handcrafting, they take every step carefully to manufacture the best silk products.
The company sent me one of their silk sleep masks in the color black. It does come in other colors such as blue, chocolate, violet, light plum, wine and royal blue. I have used my mask on vacation in a hotel, on a train and of course for use in my own bed and have been loving it!

According to their website:
The silk eye mask of 100% mulberry silk will make your eyes totally relax with silk softness and comfort, which can make you sleep deeply for a nice dream.
This mask feels absolutely amazing on my face! It doesn't irritate my skin at all. I love that the strap is adjustable so it allows me to make it as tight or loose as I want it to be. I find sleeping with this mask helps me get more relaxed especially since I've tried several other masks in the past some of them were a bit scratchy.

I definitely love this mask and plan to get it in other colors for myself and as gifts for others.

If you're interested in snagging one or five, check out their website to order your own pair.


Cute & Young Bath Bombs {Review}

Hello my loves!

It's been a minute since I made a post, but today I'm coming on here to share a review on a great product. I am a huge fan of pamper nights in which I have a at home spa routine at least once a week (though I've slacked on it lately). I think all women should have at least once night a week in which they take time to pamper themselves be it with a manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, facials or even a delicious bath -- yes I said delicious.

I love a good warm bath whether with bubbles or without, but what I love the most in my baths...BATH BOMBS!

Yes, I'm a lover of bath bombs. I know many are all about LUSH bath bombs (which I have yet to try), but I've only ever tried a few from Wilma's Handmade and from Me Bath.

However, recently I was able to try out a new brand that I'm obsessing over. The brand is called Cute & Young Bath Bombs and they are absolutely phenomenal.

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