Planner Haul #5 | Diary Stickers, Page Flags & Travel Case

Hello my loves!

Back again for yet another planner based haul. I know I know, all these planner hauls and no beauty videos. You won't be disappointed come next week. I have been working on some new videos beauty wise for you all.

Today I wanted to share some things I purchased online and hope that your find them useful or at least pretty and functional like I do!



Tutorial | Mint & Chocolate Halo Eyeshadow

Hello my loves!

Today I wanted to play around with some color and I really wanted to try out the halo eyeshadow look, so I came up with this simply glittery mint and chocolate brown look using some products I haven't used in a long time.
I totally enjoyed creating this look for you all because it encompassed some oldies, faves and things I've totally forgotten I had. I hope you try this look out on your own!

- Face -


Skincare Review | Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set

Hello my loves,

I'm bringing you all a new feature that I want to do every Friday which is focused around skincare and body care products. As much as I love makeup I am a huge believer that a cleansed canvas (skin) is ten times better than piling on tons of makeup.

Today's post is a review on some new skincare products that I am absolutely obsessed with! I've always been a drugstore kind of girl until I found out that Avon products were good and then when I worked for Lancôme I became obsessed with their skincare products. Now my skincare collection is full of drugstore, Avon and Lancôme.

Lately, however I've been loving Mary Kay skincare products once I became a rep. For some reason I've never paid any attention to Mary Kay products because I always had this misconception that MK products were for more mature people. Boy was I wrong.

In lieu of my new found love for Mary Kay products I will be reviewing their TimeWise Miracle Set. I have been using this since the end of April and I must say this stuff is absolutely amazing!
The TimeWise Miracle Set comes in two formulations: Combination Oily and Normal to Dry. I personally use the Normal to Dry formulation. The set comes with 4 products: 3-in-1 cleanser, Age-fighting moisturizer, day solution with SPF 35 and a night solution.
The TimeWise Miracle Set provides age-fighting results to help maintain younger-looking skin. It's a four product regimen that delivers 11 age-defying benefits: cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, energize, hydrate, smooth, visibly firm, soften, protect, renew and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product also works for those with sensitive skin and rosacea -- keep in mind, it's not a cure for nor does it treat rosacea, but it’s a regimen that is great for those with it.

For a retail price of $95.00 you can't beat such an amazing product!

3-in-1 Cleanser


Tutorial | Matte Eyes & Red Lip

Hello my loves,

Today I have a quick tutorial for you all. I wanted to create a look that was completely matte on the eyes with a bold red lip. I decided I want to use one eyeshadow palette instead of multiple palettes. For this look, I thought the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette would work out phenomenal and it did. The eyes are subtle and the lips are the focus.

Even though I wanted my eyes matte, I still wanted to play up the face with a flawless, clean glow and I decided to go all out with highlighting the cheeks. This look is perfect for every day wear, for work or even an evening out. Of course you can always deepen the eyes with a black eyeshadow or change up the lip to whatever color suits you best.

Overall, this look is created for everyone looking for a quick look that looks like a lot of effort was put into it. Hope you all enjoy this look!


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