Review | Walgreens Moisturizing Shave Gel

Hello my loves!

This lovely morning I want to talk about two amazing shaving gels that I absolutely swear by. These have been the best products for me when it comes to shaving. They are both Walgreens brand shaving gels. I will do combine the two into one review.

Walgreens Dry Skin Moisturizing Shave Gel
product image
What Walgreens says:
This product is formulated with a fine blend of emollients and lubricants that help protect even the most sensitive skin from irritation and dryness while leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh and clean.
My Thoughts:
When I first purchased I was really afraid because I never used shaving gel or cream before I use to hear a lot about people skin reacting to them, but this has proven me wrong 120%. It works like a charm! It protects my skin from irritation and dryness. This product leaves my skin feeling beyond smooth because of the Vitamin E and Lanolin. It feels just like wax when applying it onto my skin and helps me get a close shave every time without missing a hair. I love this product and the fact that it has a doable pump makes all the more better.
Walgreens Raspberry Scent Moisturizing Shave Gel
product image


Avon Haul | August - Part II

So some of you may not know, but I will admit it right now -- I'm an Avon fanatic. Their products are simply amazing! Anywho, here's is part II to my August Avon Haul. Parts I and III can't be posted until I get settled in the apartment unfortunately.

I did a recent purchase to Avon and got a total of 15 beauty products for $50.87 -- yes ma'am I did! I love Avon to death and just have to share any and everything I get from them because Avon is purely ingenious and seem to better there products almost every time I try something new.

The only makeup products I purchased were two mascaras. Avon SuperShock Mascara ($4.99)and Avon SuperShock Max Mascara ($5.99).
How it was packaged.
As you can see from the image above -- these mascaras are HUGE and for the price of drugstore mascara -- they are amazing! Avon SuperShock Max Mascara definitely maximizes my lashes. Review will definitely be coming really soon to you.
These mascaras are HUGE!!!!!!!!!! And will last a long time :).

The next items are perfumes which came together in a set. I have the Avon Rare Pearls which comes with a full size and travel size for $12.99:


Initial Review | Avon ClearSkin Blackhead Eliminating System

Happy Sunday my loves!

Yesterday, I wan't able to do a post because I was getting situated with this move my family did, but I have a  post for you today! This is going to be an "initial review" kind of post on a new product that I finally got from my last Avon order (campaign 17). The products are Avon ClearSkin Blackhead Eliminating System.
I've had the opportunity to use these products more than twice (minus the Deep Treatment Mask). I'm pretty impressed, but let's just go forward with the "initial review" now. As a quick heads up: these products are not sold together online, if you want all three find them together in a campaign booklet.

This system is created to help eliminate blackheads and keep them away as well as oil, dirt and debris. The system is a 3 step system which comes with a daily cleanser, deep treatment mask and daily astringent. As I have stated, I have used this products more than twice except for the deep treatment mask.

Step 1. Cleanse
The first thing to do is use the Avon ClearSkin Blackhead Eliminating Daily Cleanser. The cleanser definitely cleans your face and remove any sign of dirt and oil. This is a cleanser that also has little exfoliating beads that allow you to scrub away dead skin and have your face feeling refreshed. This cleanser has an amazing fresh floral scent that is really wakes up your skin and makes it more pleasing to cleanse your face. It's like a gel that turns into a foam when you lather it on. This product contains 2% Salicylic acid and can be purchased for $5.49 in a 4.2 fl oz bottle. Purchase here.

Step 2. Clarify


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