Avon Haul | August - Part II

So some of you may not know, but I will admit it right now -- I'm an Avon fanatic. Their products are simply amazing! Anywho, here's is part II to my August Avon Haul. Parts I and III can't be posted until I get settled in the apartment unfortunately.

I did a recent purchase to Avon and got a total of 15 beauty products for $50.87 -- yes ma'am I did! I love Avon to death and just have to share any and everything I get from them because Avon is purely ingenious and seem to better there products almost every time I try something new.

The only makeup products I purchased were two mascaras. Avon SuperShock Mascara ($4.99)and Avon SuperShock Max Mascara ($5.99).
How it was packaged.
As you can see from the image above -- these mascaras are HUGE and for the price of drugstore mascara -- they are amazing! Avon SuperShock Max Mascara definitely maximizes my lashes. Review will definitely be coming really soon to you.
These mascaras are HUGE!!!!!!!!!! And will last a long time :).

The next items are perfumes which came together in a set. I have the Avon Rare Pearls which comes with a full size and travel size for $12.99:
These definitely look so luxurious and smell AMAZING. My mom has me hooked on the Avon Perfumes. I did order 1 or 2 other perfumes, but they are on back order, so I should be getting those with my next Avon order hopefully.

The next three items are body products which smell delicious and sexy.
The above item is Avon Naturals Body Vanilla Ice Cream Scrub Exfoliant. This is simply amazing! I've tried it in the shower on wet skin, but I want to try it on dry skin. It smells just like vanilla ice cream and the packaging is too cute! It comes in strawberry and chocolate as well. I paid $2 and some change for this product and I think the orginal price is somewhere between $3-5.

These next two items are Avon Perfumed Skin Softener in Haiku and Imari. They were on sale for $1 each but normally cost between $2-3.
The first one you see in the green and silver container is Haiku and it smells so amazing. The one one in the burgundy and gold container is Imari and I've been a lover of Imari for a while!

The last eight items are all foot items from Avon Foot Works which are simply amazing for those who love to do at home spas. The first two items came separately and I decided to get them because I already had the foot scrub to it and these are Avon Foot Works in Berry Mint moisturizing cream and foot soak. I got these both for $1.99 because they are older versions of the foot works by Avon.
These smell so amazing. The scent of berries make me happy and mint just makes me so calm and relaxed.

The next six items came together in a set for $9.99, but each individual item ranges from $2-4 separately.
That is a lot of foot care items for only 10 bucks -- these would normally cost anywhere from $25+ in other brands, so Avon definitely makes a steal!

The three on the right are all Avon Foot Works Beautiful in Cherry Ice.
You get the exfoliating scrub, cooling foot spray and moisturizing foot lotion and they are all 3.4 fl oz.

The two on the left are Avon Foot Works Beautiful in Mint & Aloe.
I got the cooling lotion and exfoliating scrub. I tried them both two nights ago and they are amazing -- they truly cool my feet.

The last item is from the Avon Foot Works Healthy line and it's the Cracked Heel Cream.
This is perfect for people with bad calluses. Now mine aren't bad, but I do like to tend to them and make sure my feet are "picture perfect" at every moment.

Any ways, this wraps up my Avon Haul for August -- at least part II to it. Part I coming once I'm settled and part III comes once I receive that order.

Reviews will be coming soon!!!!

What do you all think of these products? Which would you like me to review first?


  1. The Super shock Max mascara is my holy grail mascara! Just ordered another tube today:-)

    1. I've tried them both and I am truly IN LOVE!!! They are too amazing and I plan to stock up on them! My new HG mascara to the max :)

  2. You have tempted me to try the super shock max mascara!

    Sita xx

    1. You definitely should !!! It's truly amazing like volume and length and separates my lashes -- it's pure love at first apply. lol and for a huge tube it's the price of a drugstore mascara. A perfect A+ for me.

  3. Avon do some fab products xxx Just found you through the blog hop - would you like to follow each other ? xx

    1. yes they do! I want to try more polishes and a few lipsticks.

  4. Never underestimate Avon products, thanks for sharing the foot works range.

    Happy to now be following you and looking forward more of your posts.

    1. You're welcome! I have reviews coming soon on them. I just love Avon products to death!

      Thanks as well.

  5. I have a bottle of that Avon Rare Pearls perfumes. I love the scent and I love Avon perfumes too. :)

    pheromones for women

    1. Yes! Avon perfumes are becoming a fav of mine as well. I plan to get my hands on a few others by Christmas :)


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