Planner Love | Decorate with Me #3

Hello my planner addicts!

Week 22 has come around and I went with butterflies for my weekly theme thanks to the EC Creative Challenges group on Facebook.

Let's Decorate!

Holographic Tape - Target One Spot
Washi Tape - Michael's
Spring has Sprung Sticker Book - Michael's
Spring Birdies Sticker Book - Michael's
Spring Garden Sticker Book - Target
Ladybug Sticker Book - Michael's

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How did you pretty plan this week?


Planner Love | Decorate with Me #2


Today I wanted to share my layout for Week 21 and how I decorated. I'm in a group on Facebook called Erin Condren Creative Challenges. The group was created to help those who like to "pretty plan" in giving themes for your weekly spreads. I think this is brilliant because it gives me an opportunity to try different color schemes, stickers and themes that I probably wouldn't have thought to try.
This week the theme was all about pastels and boy was excited! I love me some pastel shades because they are soft yet demand to be noticed. I decided to play up the pink with lavender, mint green and teal. I noticed that I don't have a ton of washi tape, so my goal is to grow my washi tape collection a bit with more colors and prints.

Overall, I adore this layout -- especially that cute little owl. Perfection in my eyes. I'm excited to see how my decorating grows over the months.

Let's decorate!


Planner Love | How I Use My ECLP & Review

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a video is all about how I use my Erin Condren Life Planner and a breakdown of what's inside it. I hope it's helpful for you if you are trying to decide which planner you want to purchase. If you already own an ECLP I hope this gives you a few ideas of how you can use it.

Friday I will be posting a Decorate with Me video for Week 21 and I also plan to record and post a few more planner based videos soon.

How do you use your Erin Condren Life Planner?


Love Your Droid | May 2015

My cellphone is an extension of me.  Yes, I said it.  I'm not ashamed and neither should you.  My cellphone is my camera, music player, gaming system, social media outlet and communication to those I can't see in front of me.

I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S5 in white which is running Android 4.4.2 (aka KitKat) and I've had it for about 3 months now.  I adore my phone, and it is perfect to me.  Today, I'm going to post pictures of my customized home-screen because it's absolutely pretty.

I recorded a What's on my Phone Tag a few months back which you can watch below, but I think it's time for me to share my new home-screen in written detail. I did change a few things around and I think screenshots are so much fun :)

My Updated Home-screens


Planner Love | Decorate with Me #1

Hello my loves!

Today I want to share this first posts (and video) to a new series I'm starting called Plan with Nay. I absolutely love planning. It's a huge time-saver AND a life-saver. I've used a planner since the 5th grade (thankful to my college prep school days) and have carried on into my adult life. When I first started using planners and agendas I used it solely for functional use...to write down assignments, tests days, breaks, papers and so forth. Ever since the Erin Condren craze began in 2013 I started to like the idea of decorating my planner to make it not only functional, but pretty.
This year is definitely about me loving my planner and making it pretty! I have an Erin Condren planner which I love! This is my second year as an EC lover. I can go on and on about why I love my EC Life Planner, but that's a whole other post to come. This post, and others like it, will include photos and/or video about how I decorated my week along with details of where things were purchased.

I am by no means an expert at decorating my planner. I'm still a newbie to it and thoroughly enjoy taking the time to plan out my days and weeks.

Let's decorate!

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