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Today's post is a review on the Fresh Mist Calming Toner from Valentia Skin Care. You all know how obsessed I am with their skin care products. Not only are their products affordable, but they have that luxurious feel as well.

Their toner retails for $20 USD and you get 4 fl oz of product in an amber colored plastic bottle with a black spray. This should last about 4-6 months according to their website, but I do about 3-4 sprays depending on how I feel that day so I'd say for me it may last 2-3 months.

I've been using this product for two weeks now. I did receive this product for free courtesy of the company, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Valentia Says
This skin calming toner is the essential step after cleansing and before moisturizing in order to clean pores, balance facial pH, and rid skin of any remaining dirt or makeup. Nano Structured Water enriched with Magnesium, and Vitamin C in this toner dissolves away facial impurities and refreshes stressed out feeling skin. Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil keep skin clear of unsightly blemishes to minimize pores, for an all over clear complexion. This toning elixir is the perfect addition to freshen up any skin care routine.
  1. Refreshes stressed skin 
  2. Locks in moisture
  3. Banishes impurities 
  4. Balances skin's pH level
  5. Shrinks enlarged pores
  6. Evens out skin texture
Nano Structured Water: Pure, refreshing, and enriched with magnesium, this water helps to balance skin’s pH level and clear away impurities.
Witch Hazel: A gentle astringent that lifts away irritating bacteria and oil, helping to minimize enlarged pores, all while sealing in moisture.
Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that refreshed stressed skin, and provides protection against damaging free-radicals that can cause premature aging.
ALA + AHA: The powerful enzyme duo provides both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that support skin cell renewal, and calm facial redness.
Tea Tree Oil: A natural essential oil that keeps skin clear of unsightly spots and blemishes.
Also contains: lavender, grapefruit seed, chamomile, green tea and vitamin E.
Spritz on face and neck area after cleansing and before serums. Can be used several times throughout the day to refresh the skin. Shake before each use.
I am totally obsessed over this product! I am a major toner lover and I've tried a ton only to find one that was must have, but this toner has joined the ranks! I absolutely love the smell of this toner because it has a hint of lavender to it which I love. I use this toner every morning and night. I especially love it at night because of that awesome lavender scent, but it's great in the morning because of the citrus notes you can also smell. Just amazing!
I love how well it sprays out the bottle in an even mist. I love the way it makes my skin feel hydrated. It does tend to leave my skin feeling sticky, but I find that after moisturizing that goes away. I really love everything about this toner and plan to get my hands on more!

Quick tip for makeup wearers: This works great at refreshing your makeup and helping everything really melt together. Love spraying this on my face before and after I apply my makeup.

You can purchase it from their website or through Amazon. Also don't forget to check out Valentia on IG and Facebook to stay up to date on new products, offers and tips!

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FTC Disclosure
This is a sponsored post. I received this product for review by the company through Tomoson. I am not being paid. Everything written is my honest thoughts and opinions.

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