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Today I'll be sharing my top 5 body washes that I own. I use a variety of things and I have a huge toiletry collection, but I figured that I could show the top five for each. I wanted to start off with body washes because they are honestly my favorite when it comes to hygiene...besides moisturizers (which I'll discuss in a latter post).
I don't like to break bank on majority of my products only because my skin isn't that sensitive to scents and ingredients as other people so I always have a choice thankfully -- yay normal skin.

Any who, my top 5 can be found either at your local drugstore or at your nearest Avon representative (or Avon's website). While giving a brief description of each product, I'll also try to find a link for your convenience to purchase the items along with the price, so sit tight and enjoy my top 5 favorite body washes!
1) Tone Daily Detox Purifying White Clay & Pink Jasmine Body Wash
Not only can I detox from the inside, but I can detox from the outside too! This product was love at first sight when I spotted it at Kmart a month ago. The scent of pink jasmine is just so sensual and amazing. This body wash really washes away impurities. The white clay helps to remove the impurities, the vitamin E gives moisture and the pink jasmine just adds the perfect scent. What I also love is that it doesn't take forever to work into a nice later at all, which is less time trying to lather and more time cleaning. Can be purchased at Walgreens for $5 USD; click here.

2) Avon Skin So Soft Signature Silk Cream Oil Body Wash
Ahhh, my love. How can I describe this gorgeous lady. She keeps me clean, moisturized and feeling at ease. She has a slight scent that's on the more floral side, but it's not as potent as other body washes can be. She is creamy so she definitely delivers moisture to my body and with the little moisture beads and oils infused, what can't go right?! She leaves me feeling silky, baby bottom soft and smooth. She lathers well and just makes my heart jump out of my chest. I refer to her as she because I love to care for this body wash as a person only because it show me so much tender loving...strange? Yes, but it loves my skin and my skin loves it. Avon has upgraded their signature silk line (bottles are no longer pink, they are an orange/tangerine color) and added argan oil to the products, so check with your local Avon representative or here on the website.

3) Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash
Can you say hello hydration ! This bad boy gives me so much moisture and my skin definitely loves it for that. These fall/ winter months are like my worst enemy because I tend to get dry all over and I hate that dry skin feeling. It truly bothers me to the highest degree. I bought this in a set for $10 USD and it was worth every dime. Instead of the normal 6-18 fl oz bottle of body wash, this came in a 23.6 fl oz bottle! This body wash is infused with shea butter which is obviously a great product for anyone be it for hair, skin or nails. I've used this a few times and it definitely has been improving the condition of my skin. Purchase here if interested for about $7 USD; always check your local Walgreens or drugstore as prices do vary.

4) Avon Skin So Soft Summersoft Refreshing Body Wash
I bought this over those hot summer months and boy I will tell you this was a life saver! This is definitely a refreshing body wash. I believe this was limited edition, so I'm not sure if you can purchase this anymore, but check your local Avon representative. I have half a bottle left and try not to use it because of that (being limited edition). This cleanser is formulated with aloe and cucumber extract which makes it a gentle and cooling body wash for hot days or when you're having hot flashes. It leaves my skin really moisturized, smoothes it out and keeps me supple. Truly love this body wash! It's number 4 simply because it's a limited edition product from Avon.

5) Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Body Wash
Just like the name states, that's the scent you get -- Cherry Blossoms. This is my last favorite body wash -- I'm huge on scents and this is such a nice floral-girly scent. This body wash is infused with the extract of the cherry blossom and has Vitamin E as a skin conditioner. My skin tends to feel soft, but it's not as great as the other 4, even so it's still a love of mine! To purchase click here at Walgreens for no more than $2 USD.

These are my top 5 body washes and even though I have a huge collection of them, these are like my go to's and some of them I've been using for years.

Just to give you a sneak peek, here's my toiletry collection:
More posts coming soon!

What are your favorite body washes?


  1. I love the Tone & Olay! Those are my fav! :)


    1. awesome! They are both amazing body washes hence why I love them.

  2. The Avon Summersoft sounds like a great product. I hope they re-release it.

    My favourite body washes are the ones from Lush. Along with the standard use, I use them to wash my hair.

    1. Me too! I should have bought back ups of it, but I didn't think about it at the time. It smelled so divine.

      I plan to try a few from Lush pretty soon before the year is out :)

  3. I love Suave Naturals, I use it all the time it's my favorite.

    1. Yes, it definitely it is -- I plan to try others!

  4. Great picks! I also love the Olay moisturizing body wash!

    1. Thanks and if Olay can really help with my winter dryness it'll be bumped up to number one.


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