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Today I'm sharing with you all my NOTW. I decided to try out two of the new polishes I bought. Love the colors and thought it would great on my nails!
For each hand I did a nice basic cross in a nice soft blue color to go with the grey polish. It definitely compliments the color and makes my nails and hands look fantastic. For my pedicure I did a nice basic violet-magenta polish that would bring life to my toes.
The colors I used are as follows:
  • Lancome Nail Vernis in 407N - Gris Angora
  • Kiss Nail Art in Soft Blue
  • Lancome Nail Vernis in 419B - Violette Coquette
Love how it was simple and basic, but still fun and bought life to my toes and hands.

What do you think?


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    1. Thank you, I just loves gray polishes!

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    1. Thank you, they just add a pop of Spring to this Winter lol.


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