International Xmas Beauty Blogger Swap Haul!

Hello my loves!

Today I want to share with you all some products that I got from the International Christmas Beauty Blogger Swap that I did. The swap was between beauty bloggers from the US, UK and Aussie (Australia). It was hosted by beauty blogger Jasmine of Sweetaholic Beauty.

My swap buddy was a really nice girl from Aussie named Claire from Sailor Klerr -- before I go any further I want to say that this was my first beauty swap and first international swap. I thought it would be expensive to send products overseas, but surprisingly it wasn't!

Claire and I had a ball with getting products for one another. We emailed each other back and forth about what we both want to try and colors we like and we made sure to stay in contact with one another. It takes 7-10 to receive a package from Aussie which seemed like a short time to me, but either way it was worth the wait....

On to the haul ....

First off she put everything in a cute little grayish-silver makeup pouch -- you can never have too many of those. I also got a cute blue Christmas card as well.
 When I opened the makeup pouch this is what I saw:
 A bunch of makeup and a letter from her -- so sweet of her to do!

 First couple things in the bag where items I can intake -- lol -- such as candy, tea and yeast extract. She did add in two regular mentos, but I ate that at work on Thursday cause I was hungry. The tea is by Adore Tea out in Australia and it's Christmas Tea; it's a blend of Ceylon tea with cinnamon cloves, almond and a hint of fruit -- sounds yummy! The Kraft Vegemite is definitely something new to me, but she sent me two small ones -- I will try it out.

Next couple things were skincare and fashion. She bought me the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes -- keep in mind, I've been eyeing them in Walgreens for over a month -- and a sample packet of her favorite moisturizer, Sukin Facial Moisturizer ; it's paraben free. The ring is called a Gold Swallow Ring, I like that it's small, delicate and has the cute little bird on it with soaring wings...details in accessories are key to me.

 She got me two eyeshadows by Essence in Happy Hour (metallic teal) and In The Clouds (shimmer periwinkle). The last eye product is Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow palette in Totally Busted. They all swatch lovely!

Claire got me two face products: Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 blush in Renesmee Red--gorgeous red colored blush! She also got me the Australis Highlighters Mineral Face Highlighter in Gold -- it's sort of a mousse consistency, pretty color though.

The last few items are all pink lipsticks and a chapstick! The first lipstick is a Lip Quench SPF 30+ lipstick by Face of Australia in the color Pink Champagne. It's a moisturizing lipstick with Shea Butter and jojoba oil. Next, is a Pout About It Lip Color by Sportsgirl in Pink or Fuchsia (can't really tell, they don't have names). Third lipstick is Savvy by DB Lipstick in the color Hot Pink. Lastly, I received an Essence lipstick in the color All About Cupcake -- it smells delightful! The chapstick I got is from Natio, it's a Shea Butter Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my swap with Claire and I do sincerely hope she enjoys all that I sent here. Looking to do another Beauty Swap with her and any one else out there in the States or even International!

Haul video with swatches coming soon for your enjoyment :)

What do you think of my swap? Have you ever done a beauty swap?


  1. Ive also participatdd in that swap ang got lovely products too :p
    There were more countries envolved, at least portugal and sweden which are my country and my buddy's.

    The lipsticks are beautifull, cant wait to see them :)

    Big kiss

    1. I didn't even know! That is super cool! Thanks for letting me know :) and yeah I plan to do a lip swatch video soon on all my new lipsticks.

  2. Lot´s of things! And look great all of them!


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