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I've been asked a lot about how someone can improve on their acne. I honestly can't really tell you exact products to use because I've never had acne like that. What I can do is tell you ways that I avoided acne and how I did clear up the few pimples and bumps that I've had on my face.

When I ever I do breakout -- from not cleaning face thoroughly or not taking my makeup off (I have my days) -- it's normally the forehead area and my cheeks.

Now, there are tons of videos on YouTube and other bloggers that have a post like this, but I still wanted to come on and share my personal tips that I have helped me get rid of my breakouts as well as how I keep acne from "happening".

Basic tips:

  1. If you wear makeup, it is important for you thoroughly remove before you wash your face. Makeup build can clog your pores and break you out quicker than you think.
  2. Use a cleanser that is either sensitive or works specifically against acne. A cleaner that works against acne will really go deep within your skin to pull out debris and unclog pores. Cleaning your face at least twice in the morning and twice at night will help improve your acne.
  3. Facial scrubs are key for makeup users. Stick to scrubs that prevent acne and have salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a common over-the-counter acne treatment. It has the ability to really penetrate the follicle and encourage the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle. It reduces the number of pore blockage/breakouts on the skin and it helps keep the pores clear of cellular debris. If you're not really understanding -- salicylic acid basically goes deep within the skin to prevent your pores from being clogged and debris from settling in your skin which is the cause of acne/breakouts.
  4. Toners are great because they take out any remaining impurities from your skin that your facial wash or scrub could not get to. They shrink your pores making your face fill tighter, returns your skin back to its normal pH balance, remove & control oil, soothes irritation and locks in moisture -- or at least the one I use does. I personally find a need to tone after every wash, so twice a day I tone my face. Especially before bed!
  5. Moisturizers are key because they allow your face to feel smooth and soft -- try finding a moisturizer that works for sensitive skin or even has salicylic acid in it.
  6. Sun-care products are key for all! SPF 30+ is good to have!

Other tips:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Don't wear makeup too often -- allow your skin to breathe at least once or twice a week.
  • Take multi-vitamins.
  • Wash your hands or sanitize before touching your face.
  • Change your pillow case twice a week.
  • Take your makeup off as soon as you know your day is done to allow your face to breathe
If you're really trying to combat acne -- your best friend will become: salicylic acid. Read any product (ingredients and what it does) before purchasing it and never purchase something because of the hype. It may not work for your skin.

Hope these tips have helped you out!


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