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Aleya from Spontaneous Chick did an amazing post on natural hair oils, so keep reading my loves, you'll enjoy it!
Natural Hair Oils
In the effort to look our best, women have always layered on tons of beauty products with all sorts of chemicals in them. Today, however, many people are moving towards more natural products that give great results without the unnecessary, and sometimes, dangerous extras. One example of this is that we are replacing hair products used to control frizz and give shine with natural hair oils. If you’ve never tried applying oil to your hair because you thought that it may look and feel greasy, you’re in for a surprise. They work wonders and often time improve the texture of your hair. Here are a few that you may want to try out.
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Rosemary Oil - If you find yourself staying away from dark colored clothes because you have dandruff, a touch of rosemary oil is all you need to get a splash of color back into your wardrobe. Not only does this herb oil keep the white flakes away, but it also helps to prolong the sight of greys so that you can avoid coloring your hair for a little while longer. It’s also great for helping you grow healthy long strands because it strengthens them so that they split and break less.
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Emu Oil - Yes it comes from a bird, but if you’re fighting with thick, course, unruly hair, then you’re going to need all the backup you can get. Emu oil is packed with Omega 3 and other vitamins that strengthens hair while making it softer and easier to work with. Not sure if you’re ready to try it out? Just imagine what you can do with  it and all the time you’re going to save on styling.
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Argan Oil - This Moroccan oil has become a household name over the last few years. It’s packed to the core with fatty acids that will nourish damaged or color treated hair. The oil is believed to improve the hair growth speed which is a great help if you got a really bad cut and want to grow it out. It also makes the hair more manageable and super shiny so that you’ll always look your best.
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Coconut Oil - One of the most popular types of oils comes from the delicious coconut fruit. This super oil penetrates the scalp so that it can work on your hair from the root out. It makes your hair stronger and packs on the moisture. It does have a slight fragrance but it wears off after a while.
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Jojoba Oil - If you have oily hair, this one’s for you because it helps to maintain the production of sebum so that your hair improves. In addition to this it’s also works to reduce frizz and tangles hair while making your hair look thicker. Finally, it has a similar trait to rosemary oil because it prevents dandruff.

When applying any of these oils to your hair, be sure to apply a few drops at a time or your main will become greasy looking. You’ll find that they’re not very expensive and because you use a little bit at a time, they will last for a long time.

This post was written by Aleya who has a blog called Spontaneous Chick where you can find beauty product reviews as well as the latest fashion tips for women Thank you Très Beau Glamour for letting me share this information with your readers.

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