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Back for another post (yes, my third post today) and this one is on at home spa facials. I am a firm believer in doing an at home weekly spa every Monday or Friday to either bring in or end your hard week of work. It's away to relax, get some "me time" and cater to your own needs as well.
I normally do a full at home spa from head to toe -- hair, facial, body, nails, feet and a massage -- to just get myself ready for the week (normally on Mondays). Here's a quick easy way to do an at home spa facial without spending loads of cash on products.

There are a few items that you need to fully see this through and they are:
  • cleanser
  • exfoliator (facial scrub)
  • face mask
  • toner
  • moisturizer
  • eye cream (optional)
  • towel or wash cloth
  • bowl with warm water or bathroom with shower on hot
  • patience
Now once you have your items follow these steps to achieve a nice at home spa facial....

- Cleanse -
First step for you to do is cleanse your face. You want to wash away any dirt or makeup off your face so that your pores are not clogged and so that you will be able to get and feel the full affect of the facial. Use lukewarm water.Work the cleanser into your skin longer than you normally would concentrating on any problem areas (t-zone, places where you get oily or break out, etc). Once you've done this, rinse your face with cold water. Pat dry making sure not to remove or wipe off all the water.

- Exfoliate -
After you've cleansed your face get any exfoliator of choice and gentle begin to rub in small circular motions all over your face allowing yourself to really focus on the areas that need to be taken care of. Once you've done this for about 3-5 minutes, rinse your face off thoroughly to avoid your skin from drying out. Pat dry.

- Hot & Steamy -
This step is where the bowl or shower comes in. If you don't have a bowl you can use your shower-- it's all about working with what you already have. If you have a bowl, fill it up with warm water NOT boiling. Pop a towel over your head covering the edges of the bowl and let the steam drift up to your face for a few minutes. If you are using your shower, turn the water all the way to the hottest temperature that it can go to and place a towel under the door to help the steam stay inside the bathroom. Allow the steam to drift to your face for a few minutes. This step opens your pores and target some of the dirt that deeply rooted. 

- Face Mask -
This is the time where you can relax (watch a movie, read a book, write some poetry, browse the web, listen to music, etc). Choose  face mask that is suited for your skin type and that smells great. Apply the mask to your face avoiding your eye area. Leave the mask on as directed from the packet. This is the step where you must have patience and have nothing planned that day. For a bit of a "spa setting" feel, apply cucumbers to your eyes to help brighten them up. When your mask is dried and ready to be removed, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. After you remove the mask completely, douse your face with cold water.

Quick side-noteIf you don't have a mask, you can use a facial peel -- they work in the same manner.

- Tone -
This is a step that helps to "neutralize" your pH balance and remove any dirt or facial mask that wasn't removed when cleansing, exfoliating or doing your mask/peel. Pour your toner on either a cotton ball or cotton pad/square and wipe your face in an upwards motion. If you see dirt after using one cotton ball/pad/square go for a second round. If you don't proceed on-wards.

- Eye Cream -
This is an optional step because I know that not everyone has an eye cream. If you do have one, apply your eye cream first to the area around your eyes so that it can really penetrate into the eye area and soak in to do what it's designed to do. 

Quick side-note: Eye cream is also good to apply to the fine lines around your lips to help reduce them.

- Moisturize -
Final step in this facial spa is to moisturize your skin with a great moisturizing lotion that has SPF in it. Apply the moisturizer in circular motion to massage it into your skin and help the circulation of blood. Once you've done this, you have officially completed your own at home spa facial.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and go try your own weekly at home spa facials!


  1. I so need to get into the routine of doing this!


    1. Yes! It's very relaxing and gives you peace of mind too :)

  2. great skin care at home facil information is there on the balog for all the people.

    1. Thanks, I'm working on those along with other posts.


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