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Lately there has been a tremendous amount of influence on today’s fashion from the vintage styles way back when. From high-waisted shorts and pants to corsets to peplums. If you’ve been skimming the pages of a fashion magazines or been attending fashion shows, you will have probably noticed the insinuating amount of peplum silhouettes that are arising for this spring and summer season.

In case you are not too sure about what a peplum is here is some quick background information on it:
A peplum has two distinct and almost separate definitions. In its early origins, Greek, it was simply the word for a tunic. During the 19th century the term was used for a short overskirt that was usually attached to a fitted jacket. To go a little further I’ll give you the Oxford definition of a peplum: “a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse to create a hanging frill or flounce.” This in essence gives a woman a new level and feel of femininity.

The modern peplum became a popular design in women’s suiting in the 1930s and 40s before playing a key role in Christian Dior’s “New Look” silhouette which defined the 50s style. As I could give more detail on the eras, design and use of peplums I’ll jump back to our present day as of spring 2012.

If you were able to watch or attend any of the fashion shows during Fashion Week, you would have noticed that a lot of designers have made use of the peplum silhouette in their designs. From designers such as Jason Wu to Alexander McQueen, the peplum silhouette is a quickly becoming the “it” trend.

As stated previously, peplums are available in different forms; on a blouse, a jacket, a dress or a skirt. Below are some tips in wearing each style of peplum and how to make it work.

The peplum blouse is a stylish and easy way to rocking the peplum silhouette. It truly defines your waist by “pinching it in”. The peplum is voluminous so always pair with sleek pieces such as skinny jeans, wedges and a clutch to keep the ensemble from looking over-the-top.

A peplum dress is a versatile piece and can be dressed up or down depending on the event you are attending. As well as defining your waist, it can give the illusion of longer legs; depending on the type of peplum dress you obtain. You can add a skinny belt to “accentuate” or add to that hourglass shape.

The skirt versions are fun and flirty. They offer a casual interpretation of the 30s evening looks. You can get them short or long to accentuate not only your waist, but your legs.

Of all the styles, the peplum jacket is the oldest design. To wear one, you would give your outfit a polished look. You can add a belt to add to make it feel more dressed up or dressed down. Secretly, if you plan to wear a men’s suit and want to spice it up add a peplum jacket instead of the regular men’s jacket or blazer and you’ll get a more womanly appeal to it.

What are your thoughts on peplums? Would you ever try it out?

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