Fashion Tip | 5 Tips to Flatter Your Figure

Ever wonder how you could flatter your figure and make it work in the most amazing way? Well, here I have come up with five tips to help you make the most of what your body type is whether it's boyish, apple, pear, hourglass and so forth.

Tip #1 - Consider the fabric.
  • Structured materials like wool or cotton create smooth looks that are more forgiving of any bumps or bulges.
  • Pieces anywhere between one and two percent Lycra will shape your figure without being too tight.
  • Clingy fabrics like lightweight silk or chiffon are great if you want to show off your body, but do be careful; they can also highlight those "problem" areas that you want to conceal.
Tip #2 - Find your BEST fit.
  • Body-skimming looks are the most flattering for all body types. Skip pieces that are too tight or require a lot of tugging and adjusting.
  • Items that comfortably fit the widest part of your body are your best bet -- it's much easier to take clothing in than to let it out.
  • Focus on your hips & thighs for bottoms and shoulders for tops when it comes to fitting things on comfortably.
Tip #3 - Think about your proportion.
  • Volume is great for camouflaging certain body parts -- just be sure to offset breezier pieces with something tailored. Example: a flowy shirt with slim fitting pants.
  • Outfits that are blousy on top and bottom will make you look bigger than you really are. Keep everything balanced to give or create some shape to your body.
Tip #4 - Use color & print in a strategic manner.
  • Dark hues can help areas appear slimmer, while brighter shades and even patterns play them up. Don't wear bright colors on areas you want to hide because they will become more visible than you intend.
  • The scale of the print can enhance or minimize your proportions. Larger patterns tend to look best on fuller figures while smaller prints complement more petite frames.
Tip #5 - The right accessories pieces the look.
  • A streamlined pair of heels will elongate your legs. If you have big calves and ankles, try a pair in a nude hue to give the illusion of thinner ones.
  • Waist cinching belts create that hourglass silhouette.
  • If you have a long torso wear thicker/bigger belts to break it up and if you have a shorter torso skinnier belts help to lengthen your torso.
These are tips that I have helped me out a lot when shopping and putting my outfits together. I plan to share more tips with you guys such as a fashion inspiration board and other things that I do.

As a fashion major and freelance makeup artist, what I learn I share.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Great tips, especially #1. ps found you through the bbu bloghop! xx, ahhhdri

    1. Thanks and cool! Going to your blog now.

  2. Good tips :) I like number 5 I think a good pair of shoes can always make an outfit look better

    Tanesha x

  3. I love this post, thank you so much for the tips (: & I found you through BBU Blog Hop! I'm glad I did (:

    1. Thanks and awesome! I'm glad you like the blog!

  4. Hi, Great blog! Love your tips, i found you on the BBU Hop

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    1. Thanks and awesome ! Going to check out your blog now.


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