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Today is going to be the start of my fall series for body shapes! I decided to do this series because Fall is slowly approaching and we can all start buying pieces that can be worn for the Fall. I decided to start out with curvy body shapes. These are just some tips on what to start looking for and thinking about as clothing is available for the Fall.

Some celebrities that you can look to as a "guide" include: Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Christina Hendricks.

The main tip that I can give to you curvy divas is this: look for pieces that show off your natural hourglass in jewel tones and timeless neutrals such as belted sheaths, fitted blazers and cinched tops.
Kim Kardashian. Photo credit.
For Tops:
  • Think fitted; not tight. You don't want to be overdoing the "view" of your chest.
  • Cinched waist gives shape to a flowy blouse.
  • Tucking your shirts into your pants with a nice belt highlights your waist.
Beyonce. Photo credit.
For Bottoms
  • Streamline your lower half.
  • Dark-wash skinny jeans.
  • Stay clear of high-waisted pants with tucked in shirts -- they make your torso appear shorter, widen your hips and exaggerate your chest.
  • Dark trousers and heels lengthen your silhouette.
Christina Hendricks. Photo credit.
For Dresses:
  • a dress that follows your natural curve well, but not tight.
  • a belt allows your waist to be cinched in to accentuate your hourglass figure.
  • nothing to short or low cut because you'll appear as if you're busting out of your clothing.
Here are a few other tips for you divas:
  • Be a rule breaker! Go for something in print that's bold -- just style and accessorize correctly.
  • Tailored pieces that define your waist allow you to work with what you've got.
  • Choose structured fabrics instead of stretchy ones -- you'll look like your too tight.
  • Show off your symmetry by sticking to tops and bottoms that are proportionally correct.
  • Don't get too naked! Pieces that are low cut, sheer or short are too much for your body. You have the curves, but you'll look like you're trying to much for nothing.
To accessorize, go check out my previous post about Fall 2012 trends.

Hope this tips work out for you!


  1. great advice, a really informative post <3 I found you through BBU Bloghop and am now following x


    1. Thanks and awesome -- going to your blog now.


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