Hair | Twist Out Trail #1

Hello my loves,
So today I decided to wash my hair (because it was PAST due) and twist my hair because I wanted to try a twist out hairstyle for tomorrow. I have never done a full blown twist out my hair -- wet or dry -- but I decided to go full blown for tomorrow. The only real tools that are used are:
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Bobby pins
I popped open my Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Nourishing shampoo and daily conditioner. I will say that these bad boys are VERY moisturizing and bought my hair back to life! These do just as they are supposed to my hair and scalp-- nourish the scalp for strong beautiful hair. Most shampoos and conditioners I can't really massage into my scalp because they leave my scalp dry and itchy, but not these. They made my scalp feel amazing and moisturized. I didn't even feel like moisturizing my scalp (even though I will tomorrow) because it felt amazing on my hair. I can't wait to finish this Project 10 Pan/ 5 Bottles so I can buy me a few bottles of these. I used cold water on the last rinse.

After washing my hair, I decided a DC (deep condition) was in order. I used my Smooth n Shine Polishing Nourishing Deep Recovery Conditioner with Olive & Tea Tree Oil. It's a weightless DC that revives the hair and because I have been slacking on my hair I needed any and every product to bring it back to life. I applied this throughout my hair and placed a black plastic bag on my hair for about 2-3 hours and then rinsed it out while massaging my scalp and hair. On the last rinse I used cold water.
PS: It smells amazing!
I semi-toweled dried my hair and separated it into four sections. I applied my TRESemme Anti-Sponge Combing Creme to whatever section I was working on first. This has aloe vera in it and helps to control frizz. This allows me to finger comb (or even using a regular comb) my hair without pulling or tugging on it -- just a nice detangler :)

After detangling the first section I applied a nice amount of Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme and then began to do a two strand twist. The Baby Butter Creme is a nice moisturizer, detangler and frizz control product in one and helps to keep two strand twists in quiet well so I decided to use it even though it's for natural hair. I was extremely impressed with how it held the twist in my hair so I do plan to order from Miss Jessie's even though my hair is 3 different "textures" (natural, texturized and relaxed).
Once all of my hair was twisted I placed a scarf around the edges to help keep them smoothed down while I sleep tonight. I also sprayed my hair with a mixture of Garnier Fructis Daily Care Silky Secret Leave-in & Motions Leave-in Conditioner from a distance just to lock in a bit more moisture to my hair.

I'm pretty excited to see the results and I'm hoping they are what I expect. I personally like my hair like this somewhat. It's something new for me, but I'm pretty excited!

What do you all think the results will be?


  1. Wow, how long did that take you!? Looks good as is, and I hope it turns out how you want it. :) xo

    1. Thanks! And all together with washing, DC and so forth about 5-6 hours because I DC'd for 2-3 hours while surfing the web and watching videos :)

      I hope it comes out great !!!


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