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Hello my loves,

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday; I know I am! I'm home relaxing and it just dawned on me to do this post! Yesterday, I decided to try doing the two strand twist on my hair while it was wet so that I could pull off the twist out style. Read here for more on that post. Here's a quick picture from the final twists:
This morning, before going to church I took the twist out and had to finish taking the rest out in the cab. When I got to church to look in the mirror I was by far amazed! My twist out was to perfection and I was extremely happy.
I'm not sure if was the help of the Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme. but the twists did stay in my hair overnight and were still locked in the morning. The waves/curls in my hair were amazing! I'm pretty happy with the results because they exceeded my thoughts! I plan to do twist outs once a month as well as braid-outs on wet hair.
I plan to put my hair in a low bun tonight and then re-twist them on Monday night. Love this style and can't wait to find other ways to rock my hair!
The picture above is just a quick and blurry shot of me and my baby sister before morning service began at church. She's only 7 but she looks so much older. Love her and by the way, she's rocking a braid-out.

But back to my hair --> I plan to redo the twists again using Miss Jessie's Shampoo, Treatment and Curling Pudding to see if there will be a difference.

What do you all think of my first twist-out?

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