Planner Haul #4 | Korean Diary Stickers

Hello my planner lovers!

I'm back for another planner haul. If you haven't noticed by now, I am completely obsessed with Korean diary stickers. They are the perfect combination of functional and decorative. The characters, icons and quotes are all perfect to describe how your day went or how you feel. I have used a few and collected a ton. This is a haul I'm excited to share.

I ordered 11 sets of diary stickers from a US seller on eBay called Cindy's Lucky Days. Let me just state: I love this seller! This is my second order from this seller, but my first big order from her. Why I love her? She's based in the US, shipping is 3-4 days, prices are reasonable, items are all brand new (never been opened) and she gives freebies. She is currently having a special: buy 3 sets and get 2 free sheets; buy 5 sets and get 1 free sets. My freebies included 2 free sets and 2 free single stickers. Can't get any better than that.

In total I ended up with 13 sets of stickers and 2 single stickers for a reasonable price with FREE shipping. I think this seller is by far the best US seller I've found in regards to Korean diary stickers.

Petitworld Cute Girl - eBay
Ddung - eBay
Cooky's Helloday ver 3 - eBay
Juicy Company - eBay
Bonjour Cochonn ver 2 - eBay
Hong-e & Dding-gu ver 2 - eBay
Piyo Deco Sticker - eBay
T-ara - eBay
My Little Friend Special ver - eBay
Cute Cat - eBay
Cute Kids - eBay
Simple Life - eBay
Paper Doll Mate ver 2 - eBay

I think if you're a beginner to diary stickers this would be an awesome purchase because these are functional and decorative stickers and the pricing is a steal. I have ordered my diary stickers from eBay sellers in China and other sites, but Cindy's eBay store is a winner simply because of how fast her shipping is and it being free.

I will have a post in the coming weeks sharing my full thoughts and review on diary stickers!

Have you tried diary stickers?

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