Planner Haul #2 | Ebay & Yozocraft (Part 2)

Hello my loves,

I wanted to share my massive three part haul with you all. I had gone shopping for a ton of items and was extremely excited to share them with you all. In this post you will see part two of the haul, but links to part one and three are down below.

Page Flags
Macaroon post it - eBay
Masking-it ver 2 lovely - eBay
Pink love of flowers - eBay
Petit Bear - eBay
Colored pencils - eBay
Crayons - eBay
Pony - eBay
Cake slices - eBay
Cupcakes & Donuts - eBay
Candy - eBay
Bows - eBay
Owls - eBay

Diary Stickers
Wandoocong Everyday stickers - eBay
Rainbow market stickers (blue) - eBay
Honeybee village stickers - eBay
Yummy Friends - Yozo Craft
Rabbit Girls - Yozo Craft
Sweet Things - Yozo Craft
Bonnie Series - Yozo Craft
Day & Day Today Sticker II - Yozo Craft
Diary Deco Stickers Ver 2 - Yozo Craft
Diary Deco Stickers Ver 1 - Yozo Craft

Check Part 1 and Part 3 to see other items I got.

What are your recent planner goodies?

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  1. I love your cute sticky tabs! Which ones would you say are sticky enough (so they don't fall off the page?)


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