Planner Haul #2 | Washi Tape, Pens and Diary Stickers (Part 3)

Hello my loves,

I wanted to share my massive three part haul with you all. I had gone shopping for a ton of items and was extremely excited to share them with you all. In this post you will see part three of the haul, but links to part one and two are down below.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Markers - Walmart
Westcott Paper Trimmer - Walmart
Thank You Notecards - Target
Washi Tape - Target
12 set Crown pens - Amazon
6 set Crown pens - Amazon
Cupcake Post-it Notes - eBay
Ice Cream Post-it Notes - eBay
Transparent Sticky Note Flags - eBay
Heart Page Flags - eBay
Penguin & Polar Bear Mini Page Flags - eBay
Rose Page Corners & Borders - eBay
Jewel Page Corners & Borders - eBay
Rainbow Market Stickers in Blue - This was a mix up, not the right stickers I ordered
Scandinavian Series diary stickers - eBay
My Little Friend diary stickers - eBay
6 set Crown pens - Amazon
10 pc Kawaii Gel Pens - eBay
Coupon Filer - Walmart
Light Pink Passport Wallet - eBay
Basic Masking Sticker Set - eBay
Momoi diary sticker Ver 2 - eBay
Photo Album - Walmart
Pastel Masking Sticker Set - eBay
Anne Travel's diary stickers - eBay the seller I used no longer has these in stock, so this is a different seller.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 to see other items I purchased.

What have you gotten recently for your planner?

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