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Afternoon my loves!

Here is my first fashion post of many more to possibly come while I'm pregnant. I've been asked to share some tips and looks since I am pregnant...six months pregnant to be exact. A lot of females feel like they can't be fashionable or dress up because of a baby bump. That's a lie! I will say, at first I felt that way because nothing...I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my wardrobe really fit me. Either they were too tight, too small or too big. I mean I literally had to take a full day and physically try on my clothing to see what I could wear these last 3 months and I wanted to cry. I don't look big by any means and I've only gained 13.5lbs so far, but seeing my clothes not fit me was terrible...mostly because this was an unplanned pregnancy (but my fiance and I are happy)

Nonetheless, my fiance has been taking me shopping and I've had some pieces that were originally to big for me before I was even pregnant so now I can rock them. With the Holidays coming up and my baby shower, I plan to dress to impress and to still feel like myself!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew that I would have a winter baby, so I already stated to myself that leggings would be my key bottom piece in my wardrobe. Sort of my maternity staple because it grows with my belly, it's comfortable and I don't have to worry much about out growing them as I get bigger.

The outfit I put together at first didn't look right to me, but once I put it on and looked in the mirror I was completely happy with the outcome:
6 months pregnancy and fashionable!
I've been dying to wear this top for a long time and I always wanted to pair mustard and burgundy together for fall because they look amazing together.

Here's a video I put together on YouTube showing the full outfit with my two footwear options and in depth details about where I got each piece from...

I will say, I've had that mustard top for over a 1 year or two and never wore it because I was so small, but with a growing belly it fits like a glove and definitely accentuates my growing bump and expanding curves.

At 6 months pregnant, I didn't know I could look this amazing.

This entire outfit is affordable as well because I did not believe in breaking the bank to purchase maternity clothes ... not at those prices for ONLY 9 months. That's a joke to me. My key in shopping for clothes during my pregnancy: buy them either 1 or 2 sizes up.

Outfit Details
Top | Forever 21
Tank | Forever 21
Leggings | PayHalf
Booties | Icing
Cardigan | 
Accessories | Avon & Engagement Ring
Jacket | PayHalf
Purse | Icing
my bump is growing out ... lol
I am super excited to see what other outfits I piece together so that I can share them with you all. Pretty excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas -- as well as my baby shower. Plan to do a bit more shopping for some nice pieces as well.

What do you think about this look?

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