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This post is about storage and organization -- specifically for lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners. For a long time I was storing my lipsticks in small containers, my glosses in a makeup bag and my liners in a pencil case. Since getting my new makeup cabinet, I've organized and reorganized my lipstick cabinet several times. I am now happy with how I have it set up thus far. I do plan to get a few acrylic holders and drawers to put inside once I move back to NJ, but in the meantime I love how I have everything set up.
Lippie cabinet inside my pink and white makeup "armoire"
If you would like to just see the video watch it below, if you want to read on about how I store my products and where I purchased everything from skip ahead...

As you can see from the video or picture above, I have a ton of lip products! I am a sworn lip junkie, lipstick addict, lippie hoarder -- whatever you want to call it that's me! It has taken me months to find a way or system in which I could see all of my products, categorize each item and visually see them at the same time. It is not the best set up, but for the time being it works out well for me!
First thing I want to note is that I have to mention is my use of a Daily Lipstick Log. I realized that I have a ton of lipsticks that don't get much love or use from me because I am constantly reaching for the same shades and colors. Being that I have over 150 lipsticks (I have lost count) I wanted to find an "effective" way to get use of each of them. It's not the best, but for the time being it works for me. The idea of it is that whenever I wear a lipstick outside of my house -- be it to run an errand, doctors appointment, shopping, church and etc -- I will write that lipstick down and try not to use it again unless it's for a tutorial. Until I find a new, better effective way to get use out them all I'll stick to this way.
Starting from L-R as seen in the first picture, I store my lipsticks in a Tory Burch shoe box. I like the box because it's bright, bold and girly! I keep my Revlon and Maybelline lipsticks stored in the bottom portion of the shoe box and keep the box on top of the second of my lipstick collection. The top lid, which sits underneath my Revlon and Maybelline lipsticks, stores my Wet n Wild, Rimmel, L'Oreal, CoverGirl and Revlon Lip Butters.
In the middle I have a 3 drawer container which stores all my lip glosses. On top of that container I have my Maybelline Baby Lips, Vaseline, Blistex and my high end lip products (Mac, Lancome, OCC). The first draw contains two rows of my Revlon ColorBurst lip gloss and the new Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses. The second draw holds my old Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses, Maybelline High Shine glosses, NYX and L'Oreal glosses. The third draw holds all my high end lip glosses from Lancome, Stila, Bobbi Brown and other brands.
In front of my lip gloss container I have two Nivea Lip Butters, two EOS lip balms and a container with my favorite lip stains from Wet n Wild, Revlon and L'Oreal. Next to that I have an old Pond's holder which keeps my clear lip glosses and other brands which I barely touch such as Artistry, ELF, Milani, Jordana and Rimmel.
On the side of my lip gloss container I keep my lip liners and other unloved lipsticks. I keep two candle holders -- one to store my nude, neutral and  brown liners and a second one to hold my brighter lip liners. Behind that I keep a few lipsticks that I don't really use such as Brucci, KISS NY, Rimmel, NYX and so forth.

That's how I store my lipsticks, glosses and liners and it works for me. I will keep you all up to date on my storage and organization as time goes on because I know I'll find better ways to organize and with having a baby on the way and shopping for lippies new ways will be fun!

Want to see in depth swatches of my lipsticks?

Check out my lipstick collection in depth by brand with actual lip swatches via video and pictures -
High End
Revlon - Part I
Revlon - Part II

My Wet n Wild lipstick collection should be coming within a week or two. I also plan to do an in depth post and update on my makeup collection and storage, hopefully before this month is over!

How do you store your lipsticks, glosses and liners? 
Any storage tips or ideas you want to share?


  1. That's a great storage scheme you got there.

    Mine is embarassing: they are stored in a plastic set of drawers along with my other makeup. It's all scattered about and there's no system whatsoever. The unused portion of the Bite 15 Shades of Sephora set is still in its box, so it helps a bit!

    1. Thanks :) It took me years to figure out a system that works without spending a ton of cash on doing so. I enjoy the plastic drawers, but then I love seeing the colors of the lipstick tubes lol. I want to try a few clear containers from the container store since they resemble the acrylic muji drawers and beauty boxes.

      Your storage sounds like it works --- get something from the container store so that you can visibly see all your lippies :)


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