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Hey lovelies,

Today is for those in love with pink lipsticks, a bold lip or an ombré lip. I have finally got my hands on the infamous Mac Candy Yum Yum. Personally, I have several dupes (coming soon) for this lipstick, but I do see what the "hype" is. I love how bold and creamy it feels on my lips and its amazing longevity. Most people complained about the matte lipsticks from Mac, but I think this is a very moisturizing on my lips, especially when my lips are properly moisturized.
I wanted to play around with Candy Yum Yum and really see what looks I could create. I am very fond of pink and purple lips so I wanted to combine a look with the two colors. I personally love how the purple liner helps Candy Yum Yum pop and the lavender in the center really adds to it and gives it that pouty lip look...fierceless!
The following products were used for this lip cocktail:
+ Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream Kiss
+ Wet n Wild Color Icon Lipliner in Plumberry
+ Mac Matte Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum
+ Nicka K Lipstick in Lavender Tint 
If you want to achieve this lippie, here's how I created it. *keep in mind, you can use the same and/or similar products to achieve this lip look* Now on to the steps...

Step 1. Always exfoliate your lips to ensure that there are no cracks or dead skin. That will definitely not help this lip look because it's a bold lip. I love using my Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrubs, it is so fabulous! After you exfoliate your lips moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You must ensure that not only are your lips free of dead skin, but also that they are soft and supple from a lip balm of choice. I used my Nivea Caramel Cream Kiss Lip Butter.

Step 2. Grab a purple liner of choice and line your lips and also fill in the corners as well. I opted for a purple with a slight pink undertone from Wet n Wild Color Icon Lipliner called Plumberry. Once you're done smudge your lips together slightly to get a feathered look.

Step 3. Apply a bright neon pink lipstick all over your lips until you get desired boldness. Used Mac Candy Yum Yum for this look. Make sure the liner and lipstick are blended so that there is no fine line between the two.

Step 4. Reline your lips with the liner to intensify just a bit. Don't go overboard, you just want a slight definition of the purple liner. Blend with pink lipstick of course to ensure a seamless ombre and transition between colors.

Step 5. To get a three dimensional ombre affect apply a light pink or lavender -- a white may even do -- to the center of your lips, ensuring that you blend with the neon pink lipstick. Used Nicka K Lavender Tint Lipstick (beauty supply brand) in the center of top and bottom lip and slightly blotted lips togther for quick blend without overdoing it.

Hope you like this lip cocktail I have more coming soon. For a complete tutorial on the look seen in the FOTD picture stay tuned to my YouTube channel.

What cocktails would you like to see next?

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