Photoshoot | First Beauty Shoot 2013

Hello my loves,

Currently I'm feeling a bit down and out so I decided to get on here and do a post for you all. I do have a set schedule of when I will be doing post from now thankfully so I'm quite excited about that, but any who...

About 2 weekends ago I did a photoshoot with an amazing photographer out here in NJ and two lovely models. I just want to show you all the images from the shoot...

Look #1
For the first look, I pulled inspiration from a beauty shot that I saw an Asian young lady do. I wanted to recreate it with a different feel.
I personally love how the picture came out. The yellow pops, her lips are dark and they eyeshadow looks amazing. I like that her shirt pops as well due to the black background.

Look #2
This is a pretty natural edgy shot. I personally love how the foundation was captured. The idea was an edgy, yet natural look.
I used Graftobian's HD Super Palette in Warm and I must say I am in love. The face has a glow, the under eye area is brightened, the lips are pouty and bright, the cheeks have a hint of color and the brows -- flawless.

Look #3
Inspiration from this all natural look actually came from Kim Kardashian's wedding makeup.
Love the pose, the lips look amazing (custom blended shade), the eye look is just amazing. This is seriously the perfect wedding makeup look.

Look #4
I feel like I channeled Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) herself with this makeup look...
When I initially created this makeup look on her I just wanted a basic neutral look, but when I added the rhinestones and she did this pose I feel like Pam Grier from the Foxy Brown movie was present. This look just had that 70's feel to it. I guess because of how I did her lip color.

Look #5
Bright candy loving much...
This shot is bright, fun and hot! There was just a vintage edge I wanted to capture, but this look and feel came out so much better to me.

Giving credit where it's due, I want to thank:
  • Kyle of Grey Market Media; great photographer with an eye for the perfect shot.
  • Joanna P; for being stylish and amazing.
  • Stephanie; for her playful attitude and amazing sense of posing.
I truly enjoyed my team and for the first shoot of the year -- it was pure success.

See behind the scenes footage from the shoot:

Truly enjoyed the shoot and I'm looking forward to more for the year.

What do you think? Would you like a tutorial on any of these looks?


  1. Wow those looks are amazing!! Good job girl!! I can't wait to do photo shoots. Your such an inspiration!


    1. Thank you so much, I truly do appreciate it :) When you do your first shoot let me know!

  2. Amazing photos! Great job.

  3. wow the photos look amazing! great poses :)



    1. Thanks, I really appreciate it :)


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