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Here is part III of my collective freelance kit haul. You can check out the other parts here:
This part is going to contain all of the products I ordered from ... 
I placed three separate orders in because I needed palettes in my life. Personally I hate single shadows and I have a ton of them that I need to depot soon -- may do a post on that someday. Overall, between the three orders I placed I got a total of 24 items. I did get free shipping on all orders as well thankfully!

I ordered two blending brushes from BH Cosmetics. One of them I got for free and one I paid $3.16. I absolutely like the blending brush...it's fluffy, blends color so well and feels great on the eyes. Can't get enough of them. I plan to purchase a few more of these brushes. They are even perfect for blending concealer and powder under the eye!

120 Palettes
I purchased both the 120 Palette 1st & 2nd Edition in a special for New Years at $25 total. It was called the New Year's Steal #1 as they had two or three different "steals" at the time. I purchased the 120 Palette 3rd & 4th Edition for only $16 and the 5th Edition for $17.

A brief break down of each palette is as follows:
1st Edition - Contains gorgeous, vibrant colors in many hues. Fun for the average makeup junkie that loves bold makeup like myself!

2nd Edition - Similar to the 1st edition with bright colors, but has twice as many neutrals for an even balance of fun. Thinking about keeping this one for myself since I don't need both in my kit.

3rd Edition - Bright shades of pastel colors with neutrals to balance it out. You can do a flirty look by day and then smoke it out by night.

4th Edition - The ultra shimmer palette that's out of whack  Contains glittery pinks, sparkly lilacs, vibrant oranges, metallic mauves and so much more.

5th Edition - Warm and natural palette that contains earthbound shimmer and matte colors of smooth browns, creamy golds, feminine pinks and bright purples.

Eye Palettes
Got the 88 Cool Matte Palette for $11. Sexy matte and satin shows that are extremely irresistible.  Cool toned shades to create the perfect look for any time or day.

The 88 Tropical Matte Palette for $11. Tropical shades that look amazing and awesome pastel shades. You'll feel and look like you're in the amazing island somewhere.

BH Party Girl Palette for $10. A 40 color palette that allows you to go flirty or cosmopolitan. Bright shades and pastel hues with a nice mix of neutral colors.

BH Day & Night Palette for $11. A 60 color palette that helps your day-to-night transitions. Contains thirty soft and sophisticated shades and thirty glamours smoky shades. You can mix-and-match shades with various matte, shimmer and satin colors.

Lip Palette
Purchased the 66 Lip Gloss Palette for $9. A great palette that contains lip glosses that give the appearance of lipsticks.  From delectable chocolates, flirty pinks, crazy corals and high-glamour reds. A mixture of creamy and shimmery shades.

Face Palettes
Got the Duo Blush Palette for $9 which contains three duo blushes to help create custom colors for any complexion. Mixture of matte and shimmer finishes in shades of rosy, peach and golden shades.

Even though I already have the CS Concealer palette, I still opted to get the 10 Camouflage and Concealer Palette from BH Cosmetics for $12. Why? This palette not only contains a mixture of cool and warm shades, but it also contains three shades of salmon concealer -- AMAZING for correcting dark circles under the eye. Simply amazing -- think I love it more than the CS Concealer palette.

I got all 10 shades of the BH Liquid Foundation for $4.50 each. The shades are as follows:
  • Light Olive (L2)
  • Light Rose (L3)
  • Sand (M2)
  • Medium Olive (M3)
  • Medium Rose (M4)
  • Golden Beige (M5)
  • Hazelnut (D1)
  • Mocha (D2)
  • Deep Cocoa (D3)
  • Deep Beige (D4)
Personally, used them to try out and I do like it, but I will try it out again to see how my skin really reacts to it.

I have used a few of these products on a shoot already and they worked amazing -- those images will be coming to you all sometime on Thursday.

Stay tuned for part 4 which will be my new train case!

Want a review on anything?


  1. OMG girl you did good!! I seriously need to order all of this! I ordered all the foundations already and I ordered the lip gloss palette and I have the Day and Night and the Party Girl Palettes. Reading this post makes me want to jump on the website and order everything else! Lol


    1. Thanks :) I definitely splurge when there are sales. Saves me money and you should...they are always having GREAT deals.

    2. You know I really like the foundation on myself and I feel it last a good amount of time but I haven't used it on anyone else yet. I will though cause so far I really like it but man I wish I could get my hands on a Graftobian foundation palette!! I've wanted that forever now but I'm on a very strict budget :( Someday I'll get it though, hopefully someday soon! Lol

    3. Yes, they feel amazing. Kind of a mixture of a creme and liquid in one. I love the coverage it gives as well.

      I know what you mean about the Graftobian Foundations. $70 is crazy, but I know where you can get it for $58 if you'd like the website


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