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This is part two to my freelance kit haul featuring all the products that I got from a company called...
The first portion of this collective haul consisted of  Coastal Scents products and there will be three other portions consisting of BH Cosmetics and Yazmo items, so stay tuned for those.

Now, before ordering from LeCosmetique, I did see a few videos by MakeupByLeinaBaaaby years back on them (video one and video two) which made me look into even more. After doing extensive research and weighing my options, I opted into ordering from them. The first order I placed was on Dec 28th, 2012 and my package arrived on January 2nd -- it came a day early (supposed to be delivered on January 3rd). Considering how fast it shipped to me during the holiday I was highly impressed so I placed a second order on January 4th for a few more items and got that order on January 7th.

Overall shipping and packaging with LeCosmetique is amazing and I am glad to be a customer of theirs. I even got accepted into the Pro Discount Program for those in the industry which makes shopping a bit more cheaper for me now (10-40% off).

Now, I'll show the products and give a bit of detail on it and also share with you the price at which I bought it and the original price (if I got the discounted price)...

I got the Graftobian Super Palette in Warm which contains 18 ultra rich shades.  This palette is made for the professional makeup artist or the makeup lover as it contains every shade possible in the warm color range. These cremes are formulated to yield flawless Hi-Def results whether or not you are in front of the camera. I paid full price for this which was $65.95 (prices increased to $70.50). Yes, I have used this already on two clients -- images coming soon.

The Graftobian Ultra-Lites Palette which contains ultra rich color especially designed for Porcelain skin tones. You get two cool shades, two neutral shades and one warm shade which will definitely work for the fairest of fair. I can also use these for extreme highlighting and as eyeshadow bases. Paid $21.95 (price increased to $25.95).

The Graftobian Neutral #3 Palette which contains five deep shades. I got this palette specifically for my deeper ethnic women. These five shades allow me to work with them much better: contour, highlight and match their skin complexion to a T. Paid $21.95 (price increased to $25.95).

Last palette was the Graftobian Corrector Palette which I got at the discounted price of $22 (original price is $25.95). This palette contains five highly pigmented shades that are designed to alter and neutralize skin discolorations, hide imperfections and even out skin tones.  Shades can be mixed to create the perfect correction.  This palette includes: soft orange (blue neutralizer), yellow hi-lite (cancels deep red and purple), muted green (removes redness), pink hi-lite (counteracts grey or brown), and extra hi-lite (a light highlighter).

I needed a setting spray and I didn't want to get another MAC Fix+ (it's technically only a refresher) nor did I want to buy Urban Decay (still debating) or MUFE so I opted for the Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray. I am going to get the Model in A Bottle (sensitive formula), but for the time being I got my hands on this one. I paid $5.75 for it (original price is $7.50). This setting spray lays a thin barrier over your makeup, helping to make it more smudge-proof and moisture-proof. It can be applied after your makeup is done, before you put on your foundation or both ways.

Next thing I got, to work in conjunction with my new train case, was the Large Clear Vinyl Set Bag, $29.99 (price increased to $32.95). This set bag is by far amazing! Its "see-through" design allows me to easily find what I need while on set. This ultra roomy and durable bag has 6 flip top external stick out pockets with magnet snaps for easy organization of beauty tools. There's also a flip top tissue box zippered pocket plus 2 more internal zippered pockets.  There's also an adjustable and removable shoulder strap for easy carrying. External Pocket Dimensions: 4.5" L x 1.5" W x 6" H. Tissue Pocket Dimensions: 4.75" L x 2.5" W x 9.5" H. Main Compartment Dimensions: 14.75" L x 6.75" W x 9.5" H. Overall Dimensions: 17" L x 9" W x 10.75" H. Got to love this bag! There's also a medium and round one!

As far as tools go, I have the Graftobian Flat Mixing Spatula for $6.00, the Makeup Artist Mixing Palette in Black for $4.95 and three Blending Sponges. I paid full price for the pink and purple one which was $5.95 and I got the yellow one for $4.95. I plan on purchasing two more pink ones, the red one and two black ones just to have a bunch of them on hand.

The last two items are both Japonesque products which I was a bit happy to buy. 
The first is the Precision Eyelash Curler which I got for $9.00 (original price $10.50). It's crafted with a narrow cage allowing me to curl specific lash sections quickly and easily with a single squeeze. I can curl just the outer eye or the entire lash, with perfect depth, curve and intensity. The curler is made of stainless steel, and the soft, contoured pads ensure that the curler will not pinch or pull. Loving this lash curler for my clients that are afraid to get their lashes curled. 
The second Japonesque item was the Professional Brush Cleanser - Parian Spirit for $10.25 (original price $12.00). I needed a new bottle of brush cleanser and even though I still plan to get the ELF one, I wanted to try this one first. This brush cleanser is said to clean, disinfect and condition brush fibers so that my brushes will last longer. Designed to extend the life of brushes; it's environmentally safe and will thoroughly dissolve all types of makeup product residue build-up. 

Overall I am enjoying my new toys for my kit and can't wait to put it all inside my new train case soon :)

If you liked anything that you saw from my haul go to their website and shop away! If you're a makeup artist (pro or aspiring) join their Pro Discount Program.

Disclosure: I purchased everything on my own. Nothing was sent to me for free or to review. I am not getting paid to make this post. Discounts came from pro discount program they offer to makeup artists.

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