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Hi my loves,

I'm not sure if any of you remember the previous post I did, I stated that I had a large haul coming to you all...well here's part I of that collective haul. The order of the collective haul will go as such:
  • Coastal Scents
  • LeCosmetique
  • BH Cosmetics
  • Yazmo
I have been doing a ton of shopping for my freelance kit and I can finally share with you all what I've been purchasing since everything is finally in.

Let's begin with...
I ordered five items from Coastal Scents and spent a total of $67.31 with free shipping. I haven't ordered from Coast Scents since 2009-2010 so it was kind of nice to order from them once more. I must say I am very impressed with the new packaging that they have going on, including their boxes...it's now pink!
You can't tell me that box isn't cute -- it's so girly and sweet. Yes, I'm a pink kind of girl my loves, but to end the babbling, let's get into the items that I got.

Pressed Powder Foundation Set
A set of 8 pressed powders for $34.95 ranging from light to medium-deep. Number 1-5 are all matte finish powders and numbers 6-8 are iridescent powders. The powders are pigmented and milled so well that they blend seamlessly into the skin giving it a flawless look. Impressed with these, but I wish they came in deeper shades as well.

Sleek Silhouette Palette
Caught it on sale for $9.98 thankfully and it's been loved dearly. I have recently used this for a shoot and I must say that this palette is beyond perfect. The blush are highly pigmented so it showed up well on the models. The highlight colors were perfect that touch of glow on the cheeks and cheekbones. The contour colors didn't look too ashy and blended so lovely...I say that this is a must have palette in my kit now.

Eclipse Palette
Yet another concealer palette, which I double as a foundation palette at times, which cost $7.48 (sale price). I have used this palette to create highlights on models and to cover up under eye areas. These are so much more creamier then the original 10 color concealer palette. Love these, still have yet to play around in the color correctors though.

Go Palette: Beijing
This baby cost me $8.95. I bought this purposely because I needed something simple for when I do brides. This palette is easy to carry and simple. It has a bunch of pretty shades with pinks and purples to create the perfect bridal eye or nice everyday look. Pigmentation on this is okay, not really the best.

5 Gram Round Jars
I purchased 25 of them for $5.95 which I thought was  a good deal, but I'm sure I could find them cheaper from somewhere else. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I'm sure you all know what a 5 gram jar looks like.

Included in my order was a business card, sticker and a small quad sample of some their eyeshadows.
I ordered on Dec 21st and got the following week -- so it took about 6-8 days to get to me considering the holidays which wasn't so bad. As usual, I am pleased with Coastal Scents...more than before.

Have you ordered from Coastal Scents lately?

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