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I hope you are all having a great Thursday and a great week! I know my week has been spectacular so far with the shoots I've been doing and upcoming scheduling going on. My Thursday is a bit bland since I decided to work this week for Estee Lauder today and Saturday (not much fun)...kind of boring, but gotta make that money right?!

Any who, this is going to be a first impressions/ haul of the new Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette!
Yes! I said it...NEW blush palette! I was browsing through my spam mail last week Friday and I happened to find a few of my Coastal Scents emails in there. I didn't plan on reading through the emails as I deleted majority of them, but when my eyes saw "Introducing Our NEW Blush Too Palette!..." I just couldn't resist. Keep in mind that I got the email on the 22nd of January, but I didn't see it until the 25th. I immediately hopped on over to the site and checked it out and I must say I fell in complete love with it; more so than I did with the first palette.
To begin with, the packaging is the same as the Sleek Silhouette packaging. The only thing is that the size of the box and name of product differ, so I do love the packaging. I even like that they switched up the font sizing of the company name and of the palette name as well. Looks more "professional" to some extent.

The pictures they had on the website looked lovely so I opted into getting the palette. Even their description of the product:
Achieve a perfect flush with our highly pigmented Blush Too Palette. These next generation, pressed powder blushes boast a rich, silky formula for a smooth, even application every time. This assortment of ten striking blush hues ranges from soft lavender to blazing orange, allowing you to create your ideal exposure from sheer to intense color. This versatile palette offers both matte and pearly finished shades to create a natural-looking glow.
Why wouldn't any one purchase this palette?! Doesn't it sound like your favorite ice cream with your favorite toppings and syrup?! It did to me!

Now, as far the soft lavender goes...I beg to differ...take a look for yourself:
Yes, bold aren't they?! They are trying to say that the bright purple is a soft lavender. In my opinion, it's a mix of a lavender and purple, but it definitely isn't a soft lavender at all.

Why I Like This Palette?
I like that in this palette you get more bright/ deep colors that will work for deeper skin tones and you get more matte shades then shimmer. The formula is much more smoother and softer, the pigmentation is much more brighter and bolder. One dip of the brush will do the trick and that may be too much. I love that this palette has a variety of pinks, purples and magenta. There's even a gorgeous mocha brown and brick color.

Palette Comparisons.
I automatically had to do a comparison between the two palettes to give you more of a reason to purchase the Blush Too palette.
Keep in mind, I got the first blush palette in 2009, so packaging has changed since then. You can see that both palettes come in a a sleek, matte black case with white writing on it. The new packaging is extremely better than the old packaging is and I am more happy about it because it looks more professional.
When you open up both palettes this is what you see. The left side is the original 10 Color Blush palette from and the right side is the new Blush Too palette. You can see that the 10 Color Blush palette is geared more towards lighter skin tones ranging anywhere from porcelain to caramel tones. The only shades that would appear on darker complexions in this palette are the hot pink, coral-orange and brick colors. The other colors would be more used as highlights or they would come off ashy on darker complexions. The Blush Too palette is more universal as ALL complexions can use this palette without looking too ashy or having the issue of a color not showing up. Now for more fairer or porcelain complexions I would say definitely use a light touch with these colors because the Blush Too palette is more pigmented than the 10 Color Blush palette.

Another thing, which isn't really showing in the images, is that the 10 Color Blush Palette has 6 shimmer and 4 matte blushes which can be an issue for those that do prefer mattes over sparkle/shimmer. However, the Blush Too Palette contains 6 matte colors and 4 shimmer which makes even better for those that prefer matte shades. I personally will use either matte or shimmer, but mostly stick to shimmer because they add a glow to the skin.

You can bet your butt that there are tons of Mac dupes in here as well as some La Femme blush. I will be doing a separate post charting the dupes for you all, so stay tuned for that!

  • Pricing
  • Colors work better on deeper complexions
  • Pigmentation
  • Formula is smoother and softer
  • More mattes then shimmers
  • Neutral colors
  • Packaging
  • Compact
  • There aren't any for me to honestly name off the back...
Overall, I love this palette and being priced at $19.95 why wouldn't I love it! I purchased this palette specifically for my kit, but after trying it out...I have to purchase a personal one along with another original blush palette for my kit.

*If you're starting out freelancing -- never share products between you and your kit. Buy doubles for sanitary reasons!

Purchase your blush too palette here or the first blush palette here.

What do you think of the new coastal scents blush palette? Would you like a swatch video/post?


  1. Great info! I have been wanting a blush palette!

    1. I would definitely suggest both of those palette. They are both under $20 or if you like pink colors and want a palette that has highlighters and contour shades get the Sleek Silhouette palette instead.

  2. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
    I hope you and your family are enjoying a fun filled memory making day! Tomorrow come by the Makeup University blog for a TEEN WEEK guest post from Nicole of Project Inspired! In the meantime, check out this one from Gloria Safar.
    Ciao ciao for now!
    P.S. The February 1st TEEN WEEK blog post still has the 5 MURAD Acne Kits giveaway going! Get in it!


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