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This weeks NOTW is incorporating a color I rarely wear and a color I wear too much off -- red & nude. I was browsing through my little collection and I came across a few reds, purples and greens that I have, but never worn. I decided that since this is was the year of exploring my fashion and style why not retry the red nail polish ordeal.

I absolutely love this red nail polish to death! It's Sinful Colors Professional nail polish in GoGo Girl. It is a tad bit sheer, but not to the point where it's really noticeable. I love how creamy and glossy it was when I applied it on my nails. I did have to apply about three coats, but that's usually the norm for me anyway so it doesn't bother me as much. Overall, this is a gorgeous bright, cherry red color to wear in the fall as cherry red seems to be a nice color alongside the oxblood and deep turquoise trend.

The second color that I used was a nude nail polish. I always have to have an accent nail because I feel that it gives my hands some life and fun. The nude polish is Sinful Colors Professional as well in Vacation Time. I remember when I first bought this color I absolutely hated it on my nails. After a few uses I ended up falling in love with it. It's a nice nude brown with a hint of pink to it -- very warm kind of nude color. The application of this was very smooth and clean. I only needed two coats, I didn't have to apply a third. This used to be my go-to nude until I discovered OPI in Dulce De Leche and Sally Hansen in Choco-Latte.

Hopefully by now you can figure out why I've called this nail look GoGo Dancer on Vacation -- the names of the colors.

For "treatments" I used the following:
  • Revlon Multi Care Base & Top Coat
  • Revlon Extra Life No Chop Top Coat
  • Revlon Liquid Quick Dry
These have been my HG nail products when it comes time to doing a manicure for myself.

PS. I love cream nail polishes on my nails! They look flawless and effortless.

What do you think of these colors?


  1. I have tons of colors in my collection that I have yet to try too lol I really love bright reds for the holidays but I have been in a dark blood red color mood for the longest now. I need to paint my nails ASAP!!!


    1. Lol! Yeah I just tried a dark red today at work and fell in love with it. Red is slowly becoming my color!!

  2. I love that red shade! I also love sinful colors in general, they're such a great brand for being so cheap!

    PS found your blog from the bloglovetherapy blog hop.

    1. Yes they are! I own about 30-40 of their polishes. They are just truly amazing! I'll check out your blog now.


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