First Day At Work...Tomorrow

Hello my loves,

I know that this is a late night post, but I wanted to say -- tomorrow is my first day working at the Lancome counter in Macy's (I start at the Clinique counter Thursday) and I'm pretty excited. Because Macy's has an all black wardrobe look finding an outfit won't be complicated. As far as hair and makeup I'm still stumped. Since my hair is short, I don't know what I can possibly do with it besides a bun. As for makeup, I want to do a vampy lip. I own about 6 vampy purples and deep wine shades that I've never worn, so I figured why not tomorrow.
The look that helped me get the job!
The eye makeup will be really basic -- a nice shimmery eye with a bold, vampy lip. Blush may be purple as well. The lipsticks I'm deciding between are:
  • Wet n Wild in 908C- Sugar Plum Fairy
  • CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Euphoria
  • Milani in Blackcherry
I did realize that Sugar Plum Fairy (908C) and Euphoria are the same color expect that one is matte and another is creamy. I did mix Blackcherry with both and I loved the lip look and so did my boyfriend. Tomorrow I plan to do a get ready with me video (which probably won't be uploaded until the next day) showing you what my outfit was, how I did my hair and my makeup look.

I will also do a full blown motd/ ootd video as well. I don't start my shift until 2:45pm. My morning starts at 5:30 as I will be getting back into Yoga and Meditation early in the morning and I plan to start getting ready around 8:30ish so that I have enough time to record and possibly edit the video.

Any who, let me stop blogging on and just say ciao for now my loves!


  1. congrats on the new job, hope you have a great first day!

    1. Thank you! I've been enjoying the job so far. It's a lot of learning counters and products, but I love it!

  2. Absolutely love this look on you, post pictures of your work makeup?

    1. I will once i get the chance to! They have strict rules where I work about phones and what not so I'll try to this week during my breaks and what not.

      If you mean FOTD's then definitely when I'm actually wearing makeup cause I have been slacking with makeup lately lol.

  3. Hope you're enjoying your new job! I love your photos!

    1. Yes, I truly am enjoying my job and thanks :)


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