My Love of Perfumes...Part I

Hello my loves,

Today post is about a few new perfumes that I've purchased over the past 2 months of me living in NJ. I will say that I was never a perfume kind of girl, I was more so the body splash diva. However, over the course of this move -- I'm a true perfume lover!

I just wanted to show you all a few perfumes I have been purchasing while I've been out here in NJ. All of these perfumes will be reviewed separately here on my blog and my youtube channel. Here's a quick snap that I took today of the ones that I have so far:
Even though it's not a lot, it is a true start for someone who was never really a perfume woman.

I have gotten these perfumes from Avon, Dots and PayHalf. Since I will be doing a review for each of these separately with detailed information I'll just give you a brief breakdown of each of them.

Top left corner:
  • Rare Pearls by Avon
  • Rare Pearls Mini by Avon
  • Daffodil Cool by Preferred Fragrance (impression of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh)
  • Secrets to Keep by Avon
Out of these, my personal fav has to be Secrets to Keep because my babe absolutely loves the scent of it on me, but I think Daffodil Cool comes in at a close second fav.

Top right corner:
  • Wish Pink by Preferred Fragrance (impression of Victoria's Secret Pink - All My Heart)
  • Snazzy Woman by Preferred Fragrance (impression of Snooki by Nicole Polizzi)
  • Lovesick by Preferred Fragrance (impression of Vera Wang Lovestruck)
Out of these my favorite has to be Snazzy Woman -- I've gotten tons of compliments on it already, but I have yet to try Lovesick out.

The bottom picture shows them all together side by side. I must say, that I am very impressed by the impressions by Preferred Fragrances -- for knock off's they smell delightful! A full blown review will be coming soon on every perfume in this picture, plus the few that I have already in my bath & body box once I move. Definitely stay tuned for those.

If you want to see a specific review first, just comment below!

Have you tried any of these before?


  1. I totally needed this post! I'm like you- I used to ALWAYS only use body sprays that smelled like fruit because I thought they were so yummy. Just recently my husband asked me why I always smell like a little girl. Guess it's time to move up to the perfume! It can be so intimidating getting started though- you don't even know what to start with! I just found your blog and I've loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    New follower :)

    1. Yesssss, it is a bit overwhelming, espeically once you start to love perfumes. I feel like I have to buy every scent I love, but it is definitely a fun way to spice up your wardrobe.

      Thanks and I'm glad you're following and that this post could help. I'll be doing perfume reviews starting in the next two weeks and sharing my finds :)

      If you like the fruity scent, then stick to perfumes that have that scent :) but floral scents are awesome as well!

  2. Where did you purchase the Daffodil Cool? I have been on the search for it at stores, and have not seen it! I live in DE by the way!

    1. If you have a PayHalf or Dots around your way that's where you can find them. PayHalf has them 3 for $10. Dots has them for $5 each. Icing/Claires sells them too but the prices are ridiculous $15-22.

  3. I wish I would have waited for your reply :( .. I purchased 4 of them online at designerfragrancesinc.com for $3.99 + $4.95 S&H ... I bought 4 because the more you got, the cheaper it was..


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