Airbrush Kit Haul - Part I

Oh My Gosh!

How are you all doing? How have you been these past 9+ months?! I know I've been gone for way too long. My many reasons are as follows:
  • taking care of my son
  • pre-wedding planning
  • personal growth
  • book blogging
and lastly I just got bored of makeup. I blame my third trimester -- LOL. However, I am back and I'm in full effect! I so missed beauty blogging and making videos for the spring and summer, but I'm ready now to get things going.

Over my "hiatus" I began to think about ways to change my freelance business around and things are slowly progressing. It just cost an arm and a leg to rebuild my kit, but it's working.

Today's post is about a new addition into my life after 5 years of debating on getting one and that is an ...


I am so excited and grateful for this gift. I've been talking to my fiance for sometime about airbrushing and he's been pushing me to do it, but I've been hesitating. However, he surprised me by buying me one and I'm so excited to share it with you all!

Side Note
I truly and highly believe that when it comes to an airbrushing it doesn't matter which compressor you get. I've seen people with nail salon compressors doing airbrush makeup. Just wanted to state this before continuing on...

Okay on to my new airbrush machine!

The airbrush machine he got me is from Belloccio, he found it on Amazon.
I have never heard of this company so I decided to do research and only came across three videos from customers and read some reviews. After watching a YouTube video on building airbrush kits I learned that it's more so the foundation you use and not the compressor's brand.

Let me just say
I am totally enjoying this baby so far. I will do an update in about 2-4 months.

The way this was packaged was perfect. Everything was wrapped individually and safe. I love good packaging!
My fiancé got me a kit in Medium so it came with 4 foundation shades, 2 blushes, 1 highlight, 1 bronzer, 1 tanning solution and 4 fl oz airbrush cleaner solution. The tubes are all 1/4 fl oz bottles.
Foundation: Ivory, Beige, Golden Tan, Cappuccion
Blush: Charming Lily
Highlight: Vhampagne, Golddigger
Bronzer: Radiant
Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer
Suntan Solution
The compressor is freaking adorable -- especially how it looks like a mirror -- perfect! I love how light it feels and it's not too loud compared to other compressors I've heard. It's very compact and easy to travel with. It has 3 airflow settings: Low, Medium and High, an airbrush holder and it's super chic. The gun is even cute! It's a multi-purpose precision gravity feed airbrush with a 0.4mm tip and 1/16 oz cup. Cleaning it is easy and removing the needle is simple as ever.
I love the travel case. It holds everything well and allows me to pack it in my train case or set bag without worrying about damage to the compressor.
If you're interested in getting this compressor go to either link below

I have another Belloccio foundation set in Dark coming as well as the Graftobian Glamaire Foundation set in Warm #2. I plan to purchase more shades from Graftobian as well for this compressor.
So far I'm definitely giving this airbrush a good A+ for it's price and the foundations are good. They have good coverage, but I'll go into that more once I test it on various clients.

What airbrush machine do you own?
Which foundations do you use?

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