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Today's post is a first impressions on the Garnier BB Cream (original formula) in shade Medium/Deep. I've had the combination/oily formula since the beginning of the year, but I absolutely hate it. I wanted to try out the original formual because I heard it was creamier and more moisturizing which is what I like. I wore this BB Cream in total for 9 hours and all I can say is how impressed I am with it.
Before I go into details I want to give my thoughts on why I didn't like the combination/oily formula:
  • extremely runny
  • too dark
  • too much orange
  • oily
  • stays tacky on my skin
So as you can see, I was highly disappointed with it and didn't plan on trying the original forumal at all, but glad I did!

Now that I have settled that, check out the video and/or continuing reading for pictures and more thoughts.

Now I'm going to explain how the application went and how it wore throughout the day as well, so if you didn't want to watch the video, hopefully this post will help further.

taken at 11:49am
The application of this bb cream is outstanding. First off, it's not too runny and it's thick. It doesn't dry too fast while blending it into the skin, but it is very blendable. It smells sort of like citrus, but it's not an overpowering smell. It feels extremely moisturizing to the point that once you apply it to your skin, you instantly feel the hydration from this product. It definitely evens out my complexion. It oxidizes to match my complexion pretty well too. It's not too yellow or too orange. It gives me a slight glow and protects my skin from the sun. After blending the bb cream all over my face, once it set it felt amazing. It didn't feel tacky or oily...it felt sort of like a semi-powdery finish. It definitely looks natural as you can see from the image on the left.


taken at 12:12pm.
After setting the bb cream lightly with powder (Palladio Rice Powder in Warm Beige) and completeing my makeup it looked completely flawless. It gave me such a brightening affect that no other foundation, besides the L'Oreal True Match Lumi, gave me. It also looked extremely dewy, so powdering lightly made it look less oily and gave a nice glow. I also liked that it helped my liner to go on smoother as well.

taken at 3:25pm
The longer I wore this bb cream the better it seemed to look on my skin. I did find that since it is a sunscreen it helped keep my sweat in take and even through the 93 degree & 101 degree weather the bb cream and my makeup did not slip off, melt away or transfer. That is by far amazing! The dewy finish looked much better as well as you can see in the picture.

taken at 7:37pm
After a 8 hour day and a 2 hour nap with it on and it didn't budge or transfer at all which in my book is extremely excellent for any foundation! It did seem to move from my under eye area, so I definitely will need to apply a separate under eye concealer which I figured. I love that the overall coverage is still the same as when I applied it this morning and it even helped my cat eye liner stay on all day. Normally when I take a nap my liner would have smudged or came off completely...impressive.

I absoutely love this bb cream! For one it doesn't smell like sunscreen which I thank God for; it has a slight citrus scent which smells delightful. It definitely lives up to it's claims: it definitely instantly brightens up my complexion and makes me look more awake, which might be due to the vitamin C. It evens out my complexion completely. It gives me so much hydration. It covers extremely well without concealer. It protects my skin from the sun as it is a sunscreen and foundation in one. This bb cream is completely amazing and I think it will become my holy grail drugstore bb cream.
I have definitely become a huge fan of the Garnier BB Cream and plan to wear this throughout the rest of summer and even for fall as well.

Have you ever tried the Garnier BB Cream, if so what are your thoughts?

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