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Happy Monday my loves!

It's finally the beginning of a new week and the start of me going back to work as a real estate agent (details and explanation coming soon). This morning I wanted to do this review on a product that I've had for over 3 weeks now and absolutely love -- of course I love anything that Avon makes honestly, I've never been unhappy.
Any who, this is on a gift set that I got back in August which came with 6 foot works items for $9.99 which was a steal that I could NOT let pass me by. The first three items are sold separately and not together unless you purchase them in a deal from Avon. Keep in mind -- all of these products are 3.4 fl oz bottles/tubes.

The first product is the Foot Works Beautiful Cherry Ice Exfoliating Foot Scrub.

This exfoliator is so amazing! It softens and soothes hard, callused areas. This has a strong scent of cherries which is pleasing to me. The application is so simple, you just put a small amount into your hands and rub it all over your feet, in between your toes and a little above your ankles for a minimum of three minutes. The granules are not too big so it does not irritate my skin at all. It's pleasurable to my feet. The price of this is $5.00, but it's on sale now for $2.99 -- click here to purchase.

The first product is the Foot Works Beautiful Cherry Ice Moisturizing Lotion.

This foot lotion is the best! Just like the scrub it smells of strong cherries and it comes out pink which is always cute to me. It's not too thick, but it's not too thin either -- it gives just the right amount of moisture. Really like this product. This product cost $5.00, but it's on sale for $2.99 -- click here.

The first product is the Foot Works Beautiful Cherry Ice Cool Foot Spray.

This product is so amazing! It really does cool off my feet. After I run in the park, a good yoga session or just a long day at work -- I like to spritz this on my feet. It is so refreshing to my feet -- I love it! Nothing else to say. This product cost $5.00, but it's on sale for $2.99 -- click here.
I absolutely love these products. I really recommend that any and all of you purchase these if you are into at home spas. They are truly amazing!

So my question to you all...

...Would you like a tutorial?


  1. nice blog. new follower anyway. if you don't mind, follow mine.


    1. Thanks and I'll go over to your blog now

  2. Those products sound really great. I'll have to see if the lotion is available in Canada's Avon catalogues.

    1. They should be! They really are amazing. They have overnight lotions, cooling lotions and many other ones as well.


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