Avon Haul | September - Part I

Good afternoon my loves!

Today I want to do this haul post on a few items that I got from Avon for less than $20 (I think the order came out to about $22 because of taxes though). I put this order in a few weeks ago and I just got it from my mom yesterday and as usual I put in another order as well (yes, I'm an Avon Addict).

In this order I also got my perfume that was in back order from my previous haul that I posted in August, so I'll begin with that and I'll try to give you all the prices (original and sale price) as well as a link to where it can be purchased.
I finally get settled in my new place on the 21st of this month, so I plan to do a HUGE Avon Collection post in categories to share with you all my Avon goodies...let's jump right in.

The first item did not come in this order, but was sent with this order because it was a back order from my previous order. It's the Secrets to Keep Eau de Toilette Spray:
I got this spray/perfume on sale a while back so I don't remember the price I paid for it when I purchased it, but the original price is $16.50. Avon says that it's "a dreamy blend of fruits and florals. Whispers of sweet apple and juicy strawberry with a passionate heart of jasmine, white musk and warm sandalwood" and I agree! It smells delicious so I plan to buy another one. This is a 1.7 fl. oz bottle and it comes with a cute little charm that is a key -- too cute! If you're interested in purchasing it, click here.

The next few items were all less than $20 minus taxes ...

The first item from this September haul is a 4 piece jewelry set which Avon calls the Chic Embellished 4 Piece Gift Set.
I got this on sale for $9.99, but the original price is $19.99. This is a classic look of diamonds and pearls. It comes with silver-tone with rhinestones and faux pearls packaged in a gorgeous gift box. I purchased this because I really don't have too many silver earrings and I don't own a pair of pearl earrings. Glad I got these -- can't wait to rock them. If you're interested in purchasing this, click here.
The next item is the Foot Works Mocha Supreme Warming Foot Scrub. This just sounded so delicious to me and it warms up by itself.
The original price for this is $5, but I got it on sale for $1.99. This is a self-heating formula of caffeine and bits of real coffee grounds that help retexturize rough skin in a 3.4 fl. oz tube. I can't wait to try this bad boy out, it smells good as well. Interested in purchasing, click here.
The third item from this haul is the Foot Works All-in-1 Pedicure Tool.
Now without changing so many tools I can have it all together in one simple "travel" case. I can cleanse, exfoliate, file and soften my feet. The pumice stone removes dry skin. Metal file exfoliates rough calluses. Fine grain smooths dry, flaky skin. The nail brush cleans & softens feet. I got this on sale for for $2.99, but the original price is $10. You can click here to purchase.
The fourth item on the list is the Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Diamond Blush Shimmering Body Oil Spray.
I love how they package their products with pumps because the pumps comes packaged separately and a cap is place on the product -- so amazing! I got this spray because I wanted something that was affordable that would add shimmer my body without having to go Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secrets and this definitely looks like it works! The shimmer particles are visible in this so I'm excited to try this out for a date night. I got this 5fl oz bottle on sale for $3.99, but the original price is $8. Click here to purchase.
The final item on the list for this haul is the Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Shimmering Crystal Moisture Serum.
Just like the body oil spray, I wanted something that would give me a "glow" for evenings out and this seemed like another good purchase so I opted in and bought it. I got this 5 fl oz tube on sale for $1.99, but the original price is $8. Click here to purchase.
Overall, I'm glad with my purchase and as usual I will continue to do hauls from Avon because they have amazing products!

What do you think? Do you want a review on any of the items?


  1. I have heard lots about avon products I should really try them out :) Thanks for sharing ! I found you through beauty blog hop ^^ I have followed and hope you will drop by my blog too :)

    1. Avon products are truly amazing - I love the bath & body products and lipglosses. I recently just started getting into their perfumes and skincare products. Simply amazing, I plan to get my hands on a few more polishes from them and even try some lipsticks out as well.

      I'll swing over to your blog now :)

  2. My cousin sells Avon, and I always buy something from her when she visits. Is Secrets to Keep Eau de Toilette Spray has a mild scent? :)

    pheromone advantage

    1. Secrets to Keep has sort of a nice sweet & fruity smell. You can definitely smell the strawberries, jasmine and white musk while the scent of apples and sandalwood are a bit faint...I love it and my boyfriend loves the scent on me.

      I plan to purchase another because I'm almost at the halfway mark in the bottle sadly.


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