Challenge | Girly Girl Nail Art - Week #1

Hello my loves,

I know I have been gone for quite some time and that's because of two things:
  1. working as a real estate agent, but I quit due to personal and financial situations; including due to #2 (read below).
  2. moved from NYC to NJ (and still not 100% settled).
I've been feeling like I have been keeping up with my blog or YouTube, but since I'm back to having free time while I re-job hunt I can do more postings and videos. This post is about a challenge that I am embarking on with a few fellow Beauty Blogazons. The challenge is called "Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge" and it's hosted by Lisa of Lisa's Nail Obsession. This challenge runs from Sept 2nd until Oct 21st. Even though I'm a day late, I still wanted to complete the post for week 1. 

This is a linkup that she started with other Beauty Blogazons that you can check out here. Below is the overall challenge:
For week #1 which started Sept 2nd, the challenge was: Think Pink. We had to wear our favorite pink nail polish and nail art. This was hard to pick since I'm obsessed with pink lipstick and nail polish, but after checking the little polishes that I do have with me that aren't in storage I decided on the following color:
My favorite pink polish has to be Essie "Mod Square" because it's the perfect pink for any occasion and season. It's loud, but calm; bright but subtle -- I absolutely love it!! I decided to balance the hot pink with a gorgeous barbie pink nail polish by Quirius in "Ok Is Me" check the nail art below:
I opted for something really girly, but simple for any day in case I have to attend a job interview. I really like how it came out and it adds just the right pop of fun to my nails without going overboard.
My nails are just as girly as the theme is and I'm even thinking about adding some rhinestones and a bow design to my middle finger just for added fun.

What do you think? Leave it as is? Add rhinestones and bow? What's your favorite pink nail polish?


  1. Love your nails, they are so cute.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I ended up adding pink cheetah print and spots to the the middle fingers.

  3. i love the art you made. very cute and simple! i also looove the hot pink polish! :)

    anyways.. followed you thru the bbu hop.
    i hope you can check mine out and maybe follow too?! :)

    i am also having a huge birthday giveaway on my blog. it is open internationally. :)


    1. Thanks! Yeah I figured I go simple on the first two weeks of the challenge, since the rest of the challenges need me to be a bit intricate lol.

      And awesome, will check it out :)

  4. good luck on your job hunt..& cute nails too.

    1. Thanks, I actually ended up getting my old job back. They are helping me out with transportation, but still will be looking for a job and thanks!!!

  5. love the color combo and the dotting.

    1. Thank you, I do appreciate it!


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