Manicure of the Week | 4.5.13

Hello my loves,

It's Friday and that means that it's time to post. Until everything is settled with this move doing fashion posts on Wednesday will be hard to do (will probably post my favorite celebrity fashion inspirations). However, today is Friday and this is a nail post! Trying to keep my nails nice is crazy, but thanks to the polishes you've seen in Monday's post it's a bit fun to do.
My manicure of the week involves two Nicole by OPI nail polishes from two different collections; the Modern Family and Selena Gomez. The two colors are Stand By Your Manny and Love Song. Stand By Your Manny is considered a periwinkle blue. I like that it has a ton of silver shimmer particles in it, looks lovely on the nails. Love Song is a true cream purple; you can never go wrong with a basic purple.

Now, in picking these colors I had no real clear cut color scheme in mind. I knew that I wanted to wear the periwinkle blue because it was so pretty, but had no idea of what color my accent nails should be. I looked at all the polishes and knew I didn't want to use a pastel color, so the purple popped out.
At first I thought it would be a horrible combination, but after seeing my left hand completed I was more than happy with my choice. These two colors combined are just absolutely amazing and scream SPRING to me.

What do you think of my manicure of the week? Any suggestions for color combos for next weeks manicure?


  1. Nice manicure! I love both of these nails, great combination.

    1. Thanks :) I just love the periwinkle blue color -- Stand By Your Manny.


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