Tea Haul #5 ft Chefs Limited and Simple Taste

Hello my loves!

Today's post is a tea haul sharing all the new teas, sweeteners and "equipment" I got. I am slowly, but surely becoming a tea drinker. I currently drink two cups of tea a day, but that may bump up to four cups a day pretty son. I'm trying to cut back on how much soda I drink and cut back on candy and drinking tea seems to be helping me out.

I went to Walmart and got a few teas and then I got two awesome products to review which are great hot drinks in general. I received the Chefs Limited Whistling Tea Kettle and the Simple Taste Electric Milk Frother.

I have been enjoying my Chefs Limited whistling tea kettle so much! It's makes making a cup of tea so much fun. Now, I do own a Kuerig 2.0 but for some reason using my tea kettle and hearing it whistle brings a different kind of experience to my tea drinking. The kettle is stainless steel and has a black body with silver hardware. It's so modern and simple. Love this kettle. The kettle retails for $39.99 USD on Amazon.

The Simple Taste electric milk frother is so freaking cool! I've never had a frother or even thought to frother my milk, but I am so happy I got this! It makes my cappuccinos and hot chocolates much better. I love frothing my milk and so does my two year old. In the evenings, since it's getting colder, we go into the kitchen and make caramel, white chocolate or french vanilla hot chocolates and he loves pressing the button to froth the milk. I also like how multi-purpose the frother is. It can be used on various types of drinks, for use in mixing sauces and even to whisk egg yolk. It's simply amazing. It retails of $12.99 USD on Amazon.

I just love a good tea. I'm hoping to even make orders with Teavana, Tea Forte and David's Tea soon. Thanks for sticking around to see the teas I purchased.

What tea are you currently sipping on?

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