2015 Candle Collection

Hello my loves!

Today's post is the first of a new "series" I want to start doing which includes my love of candles. I'm calling it Burn Notice because candles burn -- corny pun, I know. Any who, I am obsessed with candles and exploring with wax melts. Be it inexpensive or expensive. Candles are just perfection. I feel madly in love with candles when I got pregnant with my son. I would light them to help me relax and just to set the mood in my bedroom. Now, I'm obsessed with them and wish I could have every candle out there, but I can't. I have tried Walmart candles, Walgreens candles and even a few from Bath & Body Works, but I always stick to candles that don't break the bank.
I wanted to share my candle collection with you all. My collection contains affordable candles from Dollar Tree and Walgreens. I am a huge fan of all of these candles.

Check out all the candles that I own..

Dewey Lilacs
Luscious Lemon

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Maple Iced Glazed (3)
Wood Craft in Paradise Spa
Wood Craft in Garden Violets
AirFresh 2 in 1 in Ripe Red Apple & French Vanilla
AirFresh in Lilac
AirFresh in Cool Waters
Mason Jar in Banana Nut Bread
Mason Jar in Cranberry Smash
Mason Jar in Cinnamon Bun (2)
Mason Jar in Blueberry Pie (2)

Patriot Candles Soy Candle in White Linen & Lace (14oz)
Patriot Candles in Just Picked (18oz)
Patriot Candles in Paradise Coolers (18oz)
Patriot Candles in French Vanilla
Patriot Candles in Vanilla Temptation
Patriot Candles in Pumpkin Parfait
Patriot Candles in Coffee Shoppe
Patriot Candles in Day's End
Patriot Candles in Spa Retreat
Patriot Candles in Sheer Paradise
Patriot Candles in Fruit Fiesta
Patriot Candles in Caribbean Cooler (3)
Patriot Candles in Papaya Mango
Patriot Candles in Mango Mojito
Patriot Candles in Pineapple Colada
Patriot Candles in Lemonade Stand

I can't wait to get major use out of these candles. I do plan to get my hands on some candles and wax melts from Walmart and Kringle soon -- so stay tuned for a possible wax haul.

What's in your candle collection?

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